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The garden is the place where you go to relax, breathe fresh air, and to admire the beauty of nature, but if you want a garden with which you can identify and that makes you feel just perfect, you have to think about what type of person you are, and try to reflect it in the garden style you choose. For all those people who have a laid back approach on life, who like to relax and have fun, the cottage garden is the ideal choice due to it’s wild, beautiful, and distinct look, that doesn’t need as much grooming as other gardens do. Read the following lines if you are interested in creating your own cottage garden, because our ideas will certainly inspire you.
Cottage Garden Inspiration Picture Cottage Garden Inspiration Picture

What plants should you use?

To create the perfect cottage garden, you have to choose plants that have an informal and old-fashioned appeal. On the other hand, if you want to create a more modern look for your garden, you could use native plants, and plants that are adapted to the climate in your area, not necessarily the classic plants used in the creation of the cottage garden.

Roses are the mandatory flower when it comes to cottage gardens, no matter if they are old garden roses, Provenance roses, Alba roses, shrub roses, Damask roses, or climbing roses. Therefore, you should invade your garden with these beautiful smelling flowers that have a distinct and stylish look. The element of this type of garden that really sets it apart from others is the use of certain flowers and herbs that you don’t usually see in other gardens. These magnificent plants and herbs include primroses, violets, mignonettes, pansies, carnations, tulips, peonies, lavender, stocks, monkshoods, sage, wormwood, soapwort, sweet woodruff, feverfew, thyme, hyssop, lungwort, and catmint.

Climbing plants and hedging plants should not be overlooked in the creation of the cottage garden as well. In the old times they were used to provide intimacy to the owners of the property, making it impossible for others to see in their garden. The idea is that no matter if you care about whether or not others are able to see in your garden, climbing plants and hedges are a fundamental element of the cottage garden, an element that is definitely mandatory in its creation.

Incorporate different elements

To bring structure and focus to this wild and untamed garden, you have to use certain elements that create the sensation of order. These elements include benches, fences, trellises, arbors, statues, and pathways, elements that bring together the whole ensemble. If you want to create a truly inspirational and beautiful look for you garden, place shrubs of roses or any type of flowers or shrubs you prefer around the statues, making that certain part of the garden pop out and be more noticeable.
Cottage Garden Inspiration Picture Cottage Garden Inspiration Picture

How to obtain and maintain the ideal look

If you want to obtain the ideal look for the cottage garden, take its creation step by step, planting new flowers and shrubs as the time passes, instead of making a conglomerate of plants of different heights and colors that will inevitably look messy. You must first start with choosing plants of the same colors, or colors that complement each other, and add new types and species when you get a better look at what you already have to be sure what will be the best choice. If you have planted shrubs, take your time at least once every month to prune them, otherwise you will have a truly messy and wild look that won’t be pleasant to the eye anymore.

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