THE GARDEN LETTER is an illustrated quarterly for gardeners who’d like to learn from other people’s mistakes for a change. It is packed with useful information gleaned from interviews with experts, as well as stories, profiles, humor, planting diagrams, book and product reviews, fashion and weather forecasts, and advice on everything from how to store dahlias to what to wear when you’re pruning your roses and expecting dinner guests within the hour.

THE GARDEN LETTER was launched in 1995, and the following year it won the Garden Writers Association’s coveted Art of Communication Award for outstanding artistic and literary merit. It has received positive reviews in all the right places. Here are some examples:

“The Garden Letter is funny and knowledgeable. Its goal is to take the fear out of gardening and it succeeds admirably. Excellent reading form anyone, anywhere.

–Garden Design

“Makes you want to grab a trowel and garden in the moonlight.”

–Garden Writers Association

“By far the most interesting and enjoyable reading on gardening around.”

–Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A superb gift for gardeners, THE GARDEN LETTER is also suitable for nongardeners, who will find comfort in “View from the Porch,” reflections on gardening from someone who’d rather not. Other regular features include “Tools,” “Plants We Love, “Know-How,” “Design,” and “In & Out of Print.” THE GARDEN LETTER is published by Bonnie Blodgett, author of books and magazine articles on gardening. Other contributors include John Stoller, who writes a “letter” from England, and well-known cookbook author Beth Dooley, who writes the “Kitchen Garden” column.

THE GARDEN LETTER is timely, classy, informative, and affordable. Just $25 for four fun-filled issues.

For sample articles and a closer look at THE GARDEN LETTER. All articles are written by editor and publisher Bonnie Blodgett, unless otherwise indicated.