12 Ways to Use Your Outdoor Storage Boxes

Store Gardening Supplies

Gardening is fun, but it can also be a messy business. If you’re tired of seeing dirt, fertilizer and seeds scattered around your garden and home, then you should definitely put them inside your outdoor storage box.

Your outdoor storage box can serve as a potting bench for arranging plants in pots or as simple composting bin for collecting scraps from the kitchen. You can also store gardening tools inside it. It will not only help you keep these tools safe from rust but also from damage that moisture can do to them. Just make sure to cover them with sheets before storing them inside the box.

Aside from keeping your indoor space organized and clean, using an outdoor storage box for gardening supplies will make it easy for you to access these things because they are all in one place.

Put Patio Clothes in the Storage Box

The outdoors is a great place to spend time with family and friends, but you don’t always want to be outside. When the sun goes down or it gets too cold, you’ll want to head indoors as quickly as possible. That moment when you have to go inside can be a little nerve-wracking if you have to leave behind your favorite sweater or gloves because they can’t fit in the house. That’s why it’s important that all of your outdoor clothes are stored securely in an outdoor storage box made specifically for them.

Because the outdoor storage box is waterproof, it will keep your clothes dry and warm so you can enjoy your time outside without having to worry about what happens when it starts raining or snowing. Plus, with one of our durable storage boxes at home, there’s no need for carrying bags full of clothes back and forth every day; just put them in their designated boxes once they come off the drying rack!

Use Your Outdoor Storage Box to Store All Your Pool Supplies

There’s never enough room for all the stuff you need to keep around for when it’s time to go swimming! Even if you’re diligent about curtailing the clutter in and around your pool, there are always a few things that seem like they should be stored elsewhere. Pool supplies can get really expensive, so why not save a little money while also improving your storage options? With outdoor storage boxes, extra useable space will always be at your beck and call.

It’s simple: Outdoor storage boxes are awesome because they’re cheap , often under $10 at any big box store or big-box home improvement store like Lowe’s. They’re versatile (even those on wheels), portable, and work with pretty much anything; no matter how cluttered your house is, you’ll probably have something to rent or swap out units for. They last forever and can hold tons of supplies—like pool chemicals , filters , cleaning supplies , toys for kids , floats , kiddie pools . . . heck, even an air mattress sounds like a good idea.

Use Your Outdoor Storage Box to Store the Kids’ Toys

Try using your outdoor storage box as a toy box for your kids to store the toys they play with outside.

To keep everything organized, it’s best to label each box with a specific type of toy (e.g., balls, trucks, dolls). This will be helpful when you’re looking for a specific type of toy. When you have limited outdoor storage space, every inch matters! Just think—if you can see what’s inside each storage box at a glance, then the time spent looking for toys will be minimized. And because this is an outdoor storage box, it helps keep the kids’ toys out of sight and safe from harsh weather conditions!

It’s also worth noting that this is one of the few uses that allows you to place a lid on top of your storage box. A lot of people use their outdoor storage boxes as benches, but if there are small children around and you don’t want them playing in the dirt or digging through dirt boxes to find their toys (or worse yet, bugs), then consider placing a lid on top for added convenience.

Keep Your Décor Safe

First and foremost, your outdoor storage box will keep your décor safe from the elements. Rain, snow, heat, cold, and wind all take their toll on outdoor decorations. If you feel like your current decorations have been through too much weathering to be appropriate for the holiday season this year or are already looking a little worn out or sullied by the weather after only one season in storage, it may be time to upgrade to something more durable or replace them with something new.

Second of all, an outdoor storage box keeps your décor safe from theft. This can happen in two ways: 1) someone steals your decorations because they want them for themselves (such as an inflatable Santa Claus) or 2) someone steals your décor because they’re trying to sell it for profit (such as Christmas lights). Either way, having a place that is locked up tight and out of sight will protect you from this type of loss.

Thirdly: An outdoor storage box keeps dust from accumulating on stored items over time. This means keeping them clean is easier than if they were just left out in the open where debris could get trapped underneath their surfaces and make it harder to clean off when needed!

Use Your Outdoor Storage Box for Trash and Recycling

Outdoor storage boxes are great options for keeping trash and recycling out of sight. They also don’t take up too much space, they’re portable, and if you use the right storage box, they’ll keep everything safe from the elements.

One of the best things about using an outdoor storage box to hold your trash is that it’s extremely easy to clean. It’s typically as simple as spraying down with a hose and putting a new liner in place (it’s definitely recommended to create a barrier between your wooden box and waste). If you have pets or kids, this will make life much easier because it discourages them from digging around in bins full of gross food scraps or touching sharp glass edges.

Finally, outdoor storage boxes that come with lids are especially useful for preventing nasty smells from wafting into your yard or home when you open the lid. Moreover, since these boxes have lids, they also offer some protection against windy days when plastic bags may blow away.

Put Pet Supplies in the Storage Box

Getting a dog or welcoming a new member of the feline clan into your life can be an exciting experience. A pet can be a loyal friend with plenty of quirks, and they’re almost guaranteed to give you unconditional love. That said, pets come with a lot of stuff. Chew toys, cat litter, leashes: the list goes on. The most effective way to keep all this gear in one place is to put it in an outdoor storage box—and if you have small children or live in an area with wild animals (like coyotes), consider getting one that’s lockable for extra security.

You Can Use a Storage Box for Grilling Supplies Too!

You can also use an outdoor storage box to store grilling accessories. You can stash away utensils like spatulas, tongs and even dishware in a storage box. Store barbecue gloves close by so you don’t have to search for them when you need them. You could also store salt, pepper and other condiments inside.

Place Garden Tools in the Outdoor Storage Box

Outdoor storage boxes are ideal for storing garden tools. Keep them all together in one place and safe from the elements, with a lock to keep them secure. It’s also a good idea to organize your tools, so they’re easy to find when you need them.

Add a Shed Pad to Your Storage Box for Backyard Parties

If you have an outdoor storage box that’s left out in your yard, consider adding a shed pad. A shed pad creates a comfortable place to sit and a place to set your food and drinks while you’re entertaining guests at backyard parties. Plus, it provides a place to kick off your shoes when you’re heading out of the house or into the yard. Putting a pad under your outdoor storage box also helps protect the box from the elements, making it last longer. In addition, the inside of your storage box will stay cleaner if it’s raised off the ground, since dirt doesn’t blow into it as easily. Finally, if your storage box is insulated, raising it up off the ground allows air flow so that keeps its contents cooler.

Use Your Outdoor Storage Box for a Rain Barrel

You can use your outdoor storage box to store a rain barrel.

A rain barrel is a container that collects and stores rainwater from your roof that would otherwise be lost to runoff and diverted to storm drains and streams. Having a rain barrel can help reduce your water bill, as the collected water from it can be used for non-potable uses such as watering gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs, washing cars or windows, or filling swimming pools. It can also help conserve water during times of drought. A rain barrel will need to be placed near the downspout of your home’s gutter system to collect the most amount of water possible when it rains or snows. (For more information on how to install a rain barrel system, please see our blog post titled “How To Install A Rain Barrel System”)

Fun fact: One inch of rainfall on 1 square foot of surface area equals 0.6 gallons of water!

Build an Instant Potting Bench with a Deck Planter Box and Shed Pad

Using a storage box as a greenhouse is a great way to add value to your outdoor space. The planter box (or boxes) attached to the deck are your best bet for growing food indoors because they can be configured with or without the sunroom feature, depending on the amount of light you want. Once your plant is ready, just move it outside and enjoy!

Adding an instant potting bench is another easy way to upgrade any backyard or patio. Simply place your storage box on a shed pad, then take items out one by one until you have enough room for soil and plants. Add hooks along the walls so that they’re always within reach while working at the bench (keep them between 12-20 inches apart). If there’s still space left over after all these things have been done, consider putting in some shelves or cabinets for extra storage! This will help keep gardening tools organized when not in use so that everything stays neat no matter how messy it gets outside!

You can use your outdoor storage box for a lot more than storing garden supplies

You can pack your storage boxes with gardening supplies, but that’s not the only thing you can do. If you want to get creative, there are several things you can do with these handy little containers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use them as props for a play. Do you have a small theater group in your area? Are they always on the lookout for new props? You could donate your storage boxes to their cause. They probably wouldn’t mind if they were a bit dusty; after all, they would be using them as props, not actually storing anything in them.
  • Use them as book shelves. You don’t have to fill storage boxes with garden supplies. You could use other types of boxes and put books inside instead! These would make great makeshift book shelves if you wanted to put one in your living room or bedroom. Just make sure each box is lined with something soft so it won’t scratch up any hardcover books that might fall over when someone bumps into it accidentally (or intentionally).

If none of these ideas appeal to you, there is always the option of putting actual garden supplies inside!Want to put your outdoor storage boxes to good use, but not sure how? We’ve got you covered.

It’s important to get the most out of your outdoor storage boxes—after all, you keep them around for a reason! Here’s 12 ways we recommend using your outdoor storage boxes.

1. As furniture

2. As a source of firewood

3. For storing precious items, like antique china or jewelry

4. For starting an herb garden in your backyard

5. As an outdoor fort for kids to play in

6. For storing pool toys and accessories when they’re not in use

7. As a charity donation box for clothes and other household items

8. For keeping pet supplies like food and leashes inside so they stay dry when not in use

9. To keep your shoes organized in the garage, so you don’t track mud into your house when it rains

10. For storing paint cans and other practical home improvement supplies, like nails and wood screws (or even tools!)

11. To organize gardening tools and materials while they’re not being used, so they don’t get scattered or damaged by bad weather

12. To store sports equipment, camping gear, or other items that are only needed periodically

Your home is your castle, and it’s your responsibility to keep it in tip-top shape. With [company name]’s outdoor storage boxes, you can store tools, yard equipment, toys, and much more. They are waterproof and weather-resistant, so you can keep anything you need to store outside of your house safe from the elements.

But what if you could do more with these storage boxes than just store things? We think you can! Here are 12 ways you can use your outdoor storage boxes:


Do you have some outdoor storage boxes sitting around your house collecting dust? You probably bought them thinking they would be helpful, but now they’re just taking up space. Well, we’re here to help! We’ve come up with 12 ways to use those boxes and get the most out of your investment.

1. Use them as a planter for your favorite herbs like basil, mint, or cilantro.

2. Store old magazines in them and use them as a stylish side table in your living room or bedroom.

3. Put some ice and drinks in there for an impromptu cooler at your next BBQ or pool party!

4. Donate them to a local high school theater department for props in their next production.

5. Paint each one a different color and fill them with toys for a playful way to organize kids’ playthings.

6. Use one as a seat for kids when you go camping! They don’t have to worry about it getting dirty since it’s outside anyway!

7. Use one as a place to store all of your medicines—prescriptions and over-the-counter—in case of an emergency when you need something fast!

8. Fill it with sand so that you have an instant sandbox for

Summer is here and your outdoor storage boxes are probably the last thing on your mind. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve rounded up 12 ways you can use your outdoor storage boxes to liven up your summer.

1. Turn it into a sand box for kids – your kids will love this idea, especially if they are younger and like to play with things other than their toys.

2. Use it as a toy box for pets – this idea is great because you can store their toys outside and they can play with them whenever they want without them being scattered all over the house.

3. Turn it into a compost bin – if you have a lot of scraps from cooking, or even just some grass clippings, then this is an easy way to start composting without having to buy anything special!

4. Use it as a toolbox – whether you’re just looking for somewhere to store nails or need something larger than what’s offered by traditional toolboxes, these are perfect solutions that provide ample storage space without taking up too much room in your garage or shed!

5. Keep camping equipment inside so it stays dry when not in use, but still close at hand for easy access when the time comes!


Whether you’re looking to add some extra storage space to your patio, or you’re hoping to make your backyard a little more organized, outdoor storage boxes are a fantastic solution. But once you’ve got them, what can you do with them? Well, we’re here to help! Here are 12 ways to use your outdoor storage boxes:

– Put them along the walls of your patio and keep all of your outdoor games—Cornhole, bocce ball, horseshoe sets, etc.—in them.

– Keep all of your gardening tools in one spot on the deck with an outdoor storage box.

– If you have kids who like to play outside in the summertime, put their toys in the box so they can just close the lid when they’re done and keep the backyard looking tidy.

– If you want some extra seating but don’t want to take up too much space on your patio, get a storage box that doubles as a bench!

– Fill up a few boxes with sand and make a makeshift sandbox for kids (or adults!) who just want to play around in the sand without going all the way to the beach.

– Got an extra set of clothes that needs a place to stay? Use an outdoor storage box!

You bought an outdoor storage box, so at least you’ve got the basics figured out. But for those of you who need a little inspiration to get started, we’ve compiled our favorite uses for outdoor storage boxes. We hope these ideas help you make the most of your new storage solution!

1. Firewood Storage:

A well-built storage box is perfect for storing firewood—and this doubles as a table when you’re not using it! Make sure to keep your firewood dry and off the ground to avoid rot and insect infestation.

2. Outdoor Toy Storage:

If you have kids, or even just nieces and nephews that visit during the summer months, this is a great spot to store their toys (or your own). Outdoor playhouses can be expensive, but with a storage box you can create one for way less! Add some pillows and blankets inside for comfort, and keep your kids happy without breaking the bank.

3. Gardening Tool Storage:

Your garden tools are an investment—so don’t leave them out in the open where they could be ruined by moisture or damaged by animals. A secure storage box offers protection from the elements while also keeping your tools within easy reach whenever you

1. Store Your Garden Tools (But Not Your Gardening Gloves or Apron)

2. Use it as a Planter (But Not for Actual Plants)

3. Put It in Your Trunk (But Don’t Drive Away with the Lid Open)

4. Let Your Cat Sleep In It (But Don’t Let It Growl at You If You Walk By)

5. Take It Camping (But Not Too Far from the Car)

6. Put Some Shoes in it (But Only Ones With a Very Strong Odor)

7. Make It Into a Coffee Table (But Only If It’s Really Flat and Level on Top)

8. Put It Under the Christmas Tree (But Only if You Put Lights On The Box, Too)

9. Serve Dinner From It (You Can Eat Out of It With Friends, But No One Else Can See You)

10. Throw Your Trash Away in it (And Then Take the Box to the Dump So it Can Be Recycled)

11. Hide Things in it For Later Use (Like A Spare Bottle of Wine For When You’re All Out) And Last but not Least… 12. Store Things Inside!

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