A blog about the benefits of perennials that provide long lasting flowers.

Perennials live longer than annuals.

The most important advantage of perennials is that they return for many years. Because you don’t have to buy new plants every year, you save money and time. After an initial increase in the size of your garden, annuals can become costly and exhausting over time.

Perennials typically require less maintenance than annuals because perennials persist from year to year. They’re hardier, so they need less water, fertilizer, and weeding, which saves precious gardening time.

Perennials provide color all season long.

Perennials may not be as showy as the annuals or appear in all colors, but they offer a lot. They provide color all season long, not just one day like annuals. Even though many perennials do not bloom for long periods of time, they have numerous varieties that bloom for weeks or months at a time. While some flowers only produce flowers once in their lifetime (e.g., tulips), other perennial plants produce flowers year after year. In addition to the length of blooming periods, perennials also come in a variety of colors and shapes.

On top of the seemly endless options for color and size, these plants thrive well in almost any condition thanks to their root system growing deeper into the ground than annuals which will make them more drought tolerant and able to handle harsh weather conditions. Perennial plants often last longer than annuals by years instead of weeks or even months making them ideal for people who don’t have time for gardening on a regular basis due to busy schedules and other commitments.

Perennials are less maintenance.

Perennials are the best choice for gardeners on the go. You’ll have less work because all the work you put into your garden in the spring will last through the year. You don’t have to replant your perennials every year, like you do with annuals, and they don’t require nearly as much water or fertilizer. You’re freeing up time to enjoy your flowers without having to slave over them daily.

When perennials are left alone in their preferred soil conditions, and watered when needed, they will last for many years and even decades!

Perennials are long lasting plants and provide beautiful flowers. They are easy to maintain and less maintenance than annuals on top of that. Perennials attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies into your garden, which will help produce a healthy environment.

If you were to leave the perennials alone in their preferred soil conditions, and water them when needed, they will last for many years or even decades! The key is knowing what kind of perennials do best for your area.

Perennial flowers provide a natural habitat for bees, butterflies and dragonflies.

When choosing plants for your garden you want to select perennial flowers. These types of flowers will bloom year after year. They are not fussy and require minimum maintenance, plus they provide a safe habitat and food source for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds. Perennial flowers can be planted in pots or directly in the ground in your garden. Pollinators are responsible for helping other plants grow and produce fruit that we eat daily like strawberries, apples, blueberries and so much more.

These blooms will come back year after year with the proper care.

This type of plant is a great choice for your garden because they need less water, fertilizer and work, which will save you time and money. They also provide plenty of color with their long lasting blooms. After you have planted perennials don’t be surprised to see them bloom the next year.If your garden needs an update, you may want to consider perennials.

Perennials are plants that live for more than two years and die back every year. They are a great option for your garden because they liven up your space by providing long-lasting flowers.

They also provide other benefits, including the fact that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This makes them perfect for your garden because you can choose from a wide variety of options.

Perennials are easy to care for, which means you don’t have to be an expert gardener in order to have beautiful flowers that last a long time. You can even grow them indoors if you want! Just make sure you’re using the right soil and fertilizer so as not to damage your indoor plants or soil outside. So what are some good perennial flowers? Here’s a list:






Hydrangeas (they bloom in spring and summer)

When you’re choosing plants for your garden, consider perennials—especially those that provide long-lasting flowers. While many plants bloom for weeks or months at a time, some can be relied upon to produce beautiful blooms year after year.

The following perennials provide long-lasting flowers and are easy to grow.

Coreopsis: Coreopsis is a perennial plant that produces daisy-like flowers throughout the spring and summer. It has a low growth habit and is excellent as a ground cover or in containers. This variety of coreopsis grows in both sun and partial shade and requires little water to thrive.

Daylilies: The daylily is an easy to grow perennial with beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes, including dwarf varieties that are perfect for container gardens. Daylilies require little water but do best when grown in full sun.

Aster: There are many varieties of aster, which means you’ll have little trouble finding one that fits your garden’s needs. Asters bloom from mid-summer through fall, making them ideal for creating late season color in the garden. They are easy to grow from seed but once established will last for years without replanting required.

These long-lasting

One of the best things about perennials is that they provide flowers for months, and often years, on end. But it can be hard to know which perennials have the longest-lasting blooms, and how to care for them.

Here are just a few perennials that have long-lasting flowers and some tips for keeping them healthy:

White mums. White mums with single flowers last from early summer until the first frost. The double-flowered white mums last a little longer.

Sweet Alyssum. Sweet Alyssum can be planted in early spring or late fall, depending on where you live. They have small clusters of purple or white flowers that bloom all season long.

Daylilies. Daylilies bloom in late spring, but their foliage will stay green all season long, so they’re a great perennial to add texture to your garden year-round.

Tired of hauling out the watering can every day? Do you wish your garden could be a little less high-maintenance?

If you’re still planting annual flowers, there’s a better way. Perennials are plants that bloom year after year. Some varieties, like peonies and poppies, will last forever with just a little care. Others, like lilies and lavender, will come back even if they die at the end of summer. Lilies can be coaxed to live in nearly any climate zone, while lavender is perfectly suited for arid conditions. These plants are perfect for bringing color to your yard or garden without a lot of fuss.

You can also find perennials that will last through many seasons—not just one or two. Take hibiscus or roses, for example: With a little knowledge about pruning, these plants will bloom all summer long while looking beautiful even when they’re not in flower.

Some perennials have been with us since the beginning of civilization: The Egyptian papyrus plant was used to make paper 5,000 years ago! The modern variety is just as sturdy and beautiful as ever—and it’s easy to care for too.

One of the best features of perennials

No matter what kind of garden you have, perennials provide long-lasting beauty and color.

Perennials are plants that live year after year, and they return each spring, making it easier to plan your garden and get the most out of your investment. You don’t have to start from scratch every season—just deadhead the spent flowers and enjoy watching them bloom again.

And when it comes to seasons in particular, there’s one that is a perennial favorite: summer. Summer is a time when the days are longer, the temperature is higher, and flowers are at their best.

But when summer ends, so do many plants’ blooms. But not perennials! They can keep you in joy all season long.

One of the best things about perennials is that they’re low maintenance—you don’t need to worry about replanting them every year. And since they last longer than annuals, you’ll have more time to sit back and enjoy their blooms without having to work as hard on the upkeep of your garden.

As the days grow colder and colder, it can be hard to remember that spring will come again.

If only you had a flower that bloomed brightly in the coldest seasons, reminding you of the warmth and cheer that winter never takes away.

Say hello to our new line of “everblooming” perennials—the perfect way to make your garden feel more like your home all year round!

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