A Dozen Interesting Uses for Old Garden Ornaments

Often, we find old garden ornaments that have been passed down to us.

Some readers may be lucky enough to have had garden ornaments passed down to them from family and friends, while others may still have the same ones they purchased or received as a gift several years ago. Regardless of how you’ve come by your garden ornaments, it’s likely that some of them are not your style—so what should you do? Don’t fret: there are plenty of great ways to make use of these old decorations, even if you’re not inclined to flaunt them in your own garden.

These can represent a special time in our lives when we were given them.

Think of your old ornaments as special keepsakes. They can be a lovely reminder of the person who gave it to you, a trip you went on, or just a happy time in your life.

You could even get the kids involved, and suggest that they give the ornament some paint to add new life to it.

In many cases, they are just too old to be used as they are anymore.

In many cases, they are just too old to be used as they are anymore. Some of your ornaments may simply be damaged or broken, while others may have been made using materials that are not as durable as they used to be. Some garden ornaments just aren’t in style anymore, and it can be tempting to replace them with new ones. However, before you get rid of those old ornaments completely, consider the following uses for them instead:

Repurpose old garden gnomes

Check out fun ways of repainting other types of garden statues

Create a birdbath from a broken statue

So, what do we do with these?

You’ve got a dozen of these garden ornaments that you don’t use anymore, and they’re taking up space in your attic. You don’t want to throw them away because they still look kind of nice, but there’s also no place for them outside. So, what do we do with these?

The average homeowner might be tempted to just toss ‘em out. But what if I told you that these old ornaments could be made into beautiful decorations for your house or office? They might look old and dirty now, but a little paint and some elbow grease can make ‘em new again.

Here, we will showcase 12 interesting uses for old garden ornaments to help you decide what to do with your own.

If you’re unsure of what to do with your old garden ornaments, here’s a list of twelve very interesting uses for them to get your creative juices flowing! You can use these suggestions exactly as they are, or use them as inspiration for new ideas. After all, the possibilities are limitless!

Turn an unused statue into a beautiful bird feeder that will attract local birds and give them food to take back to their families.

With some simple modifications, an old metal statue can be transformed into a fast-charging phone charger that’ll keep your devices from dying on you if you’re out in the woods for long periods of time at a time.

If you have young children who are just learning how to ride bikes, consider using an old statue as padding to protect them when they inevitably fall over while trying to learn how to balance on their bike properly.

Old garden orbs can be repurposed into handy toothbrush holders that will add more storage space in your bathroom without taking up any extra space at all! Plus it’s fun decorating around the orb with little figurines and other knick-knacks.

Use them as the jewellery on your favourite jacket or sweater.

Maybe you have a favourite piece of clothing that could use some sprucing up. You could add a few colourful garden ornaments to it to make it more interesting. For example, if you have an old coat with a lot of big buttons or buckles on the front, why not remove them and replace them with garden ornaments? Imagine how much your friends would love that! You could also attach garden ornaments to the edges of your favourite sweater. If you can sew, even better! However, if you don’t want to permanently attach the ornament to your piece of clothing, simply pinning it in place will work just fine!

A lovely way to use old garden ornaments is to decorate your clothing with them.

Once you’ve tired of using your old garden ornaments to decorate your garden, consider using them to decorate yourself! This is a great way to reuse some of the lovely finds you’ve selected for your garden, and can also be a very effective way to keep some clothing items out of the landfill that might otherwise end up there.

Instead of throwing away an old jacket, try sewing some of your favourite garden ornaments onto it! It makes for a great statement piece, and provides an easy way to attach ornaments which you might otherwise have no use for. If this seems difficult at first, try consulting with an older family member who knows how to sew. They’ll be happy that you’re keeping something useful instead of just throwing it away.

Why not take a favourite jacket and sew some of the more delicate ornaments onto it?

This is a really clever way to update a favourite jacket or jumper. Avoid throwing out old favourite clothes and instead, why not take them and sew some of the more delicate ornaments onto it? To do this, you will need a sewing machine. Alternatively, you can hand-stitch the ornament onto your jumper.

Choose an ornament that you find aesthetically pleasing and attach it to your sweater in a place that will keep the shape of the garment intact, such as on one of the sleeves. Your jumper will now be unique and something that cannot be bought in a shop!

This will make for a unique statement piece and will keep your clothing from being thrown away.

You can also use garden ornaments to decorate your clothing. You can glue them onto a hat, bag, purse, or any clothing item of your choice. It will make for a great statement piece and is a fun way to reuse something that would have otherwise been thrown away.

Turn them into pretty plant containers.

It’s time to give your old garden ornaments a new purpose as plant containers! Whether they’re ceramic, terra cotta, or metal, you can turn your old garden decorations into beautiful planters.

To make hanging baskets, drill holes in the bottom of your metal ornaments and hang them wherever you like. For ceramic or terracotta ornaments, simply cut a hole in the top and add potting soil. (You can also drill through terracotta.) You can paint them for an extra pop of color!

Another great use for old garden ornaments is to turn them into plant containers!

If you have a broken garden ornament that is terracotta or ceramic, it can make a great plant container! Simply drill holes in the bottom of the ornament to allow for drainage and then fill with soil and your favorite small plant or succulent.

For a more whimsical look, you could use a metal garden ornament as a hanging planter. If you are using an ornament that won’t hang straight (for example, if it’s a small animal), attach hooks to the top of the ornament to secure it to its hanging chain.

If they are made of terracotta or ceramic, they can be used as pots for small plants or succulents.

If the garden ornaments are made of terracotta or ceramic, you can use them as pots for small plants or succulents. Use a drill to make a hole in the bottom for drainage and fill the ornament with soil and plant a succulent or small plant. If it is too heavy to put the soil in, fill it with rocks and put the soil/plant on top.

If they are made of metal, they can be drilled and used as hanging planters instead!

If you find that your garden ornaments are made of metal, you can drill a hole into them and then attach a hook to that hole. You can then use the hook to hang the ornament from a ceiling or wall for an entirely new look!

Use one as a doorstop.

Put a heavy ornament, such as a stone statue or birdbath, behind the door where it will keep the door from opening too wide. By doing this you are also making sure that no one slams your door and damages something inside. You can also use the bird bath to hold the door open while you carry in groceries from your car!

An interesting use for an old stone ornament is to use it as a doorstop!

One interesting use for old stone ornaments is to use them as doorstops! Stone ornaments are heavy enough to keep any door in place and can add a nice touch of style to your doorways. If you have an unused room, such as storage rooms, guest rooms, and office spaces that you don’t often access, try putting a stone ornament in front of the door. This will definitely bring attention to those doors! You can choose how ornate you would like the ornament to be; anything from a simple rock to a statue will do! Just make sure that it’s heavy enough to prevent anyone from opening the door if they were to try and push against it.A Dozen Interesting Uses for Old Garden Ornaments: A blog guiding you along creative ways to reuse old garden ornaments.

We all have them—those old, worn-out garden ornaments that have seen better days. Whether it’s a gnome who has had the paint chipped off his face by the elements, a fairy whose wings have been broken off, or a statue that has been knocked over once too many times and has lost a leg, most of us have at least one old garden ornament that we don’t feel like throwing away but no longer want to display. So what can you do with these things?

Well, first of all—DON’T THROW THEM AWAY! These things aren’t worthless! There are so many uses for these items, and the best part is that they’re all super easy to do. You just need a little bit of creativity and a few tools.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use those old broken gnomes, fairies, and statues:

1. If your gnome’s face is chipped off but his body is still in good shape, take some acrylic paint and touch up his face. Then use him as an ornament on your Christmas tree!


You probably already know that there are lots of creative ways to reuse old garden ornaments. But maybe you haven’t had the time to think about how you might use them. Well, here’s a list.

1. Use them as beanbag weights for children’s beanbag chairs.

2. Make a tiny Christmas tree village with them and put it on your mantle during the holidays.

3. Use them as paperweights—they come in handy when you’ve got a lot of papers blowing around your desk.

4. Mount them on plaques and hand them out as awards at your child’s school, sports team, etcetera—or at work! They make for a fun incentive for meeting goals.

5. Fill up an ice cube tray with water, freeze it, and then use the frozen pieces as polar bear ice cubes in drinks at parties!

6. Use them to decorate flower pots or vases with fresh flowers in them; they add some color and flair to otherwise simple centerpieces or decoration items.7. Give one to each of your wedding guests as a unique favor they can take home after the ceremony ends!8.) Use them in place of quail eggs if you’re making breakfast for someone who doesn’t

Who doesn’t love a flower pot? And who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned gnome? But what if you want to freshen up your garden decor? How do you get rid of the gnomes and pots that have been sitting there for years and invest in something new?

Well, we’ve got a few ideas. Turns out, those old garden ornaments are pretty useful. In fact, they’re more useful than you might think! Here are some of our favorite uses:

1. Feed the birds with old birdfeeders. You can fill them up with seed and hang them in your tree or around the edge of your porch. The birds will thank you!

2. Use old wheelbarrows as creative planters—they not only give your plants a home, they make them super easy to move around your yard. If you don’t have an old wheelbarrow, ask around—I’m sure someone has one that’s just collecting dust in their garage!

3. Fill an old urn (or a big bowl) with ice and use it to chill wine for a party outside. Talk about multi-tasking!

4. If you’ve got an old wagon lying around, try using it as a

Your garden is your domain—you can do whatever you want with it. If you have old garden ornaments littering your yard, then here are a dozen ways to repurpose them!

1. Old Gnome: Paint him as a skeleton and stick him in the tree on Halloween, or leave him there year round as a nice way to scare your neighbors.

2. Old Buddha Statue: Use it as a pool float! The extra weight will help keep it in place when you’re swimming.

3. Pinwheels: Use these old pinwheels to hold up a curtain if you want something fun in your bathroom or kitchen, or use them to block out the sun so you can nap without worrying about being bothered by the light.

4. Old Rock Garden: Break up the rocks with a sledgehammer and use them as mulch for your flower beds.

5. Broken Birdbath: If you have some broken pieces of birdbath, use them as stepping-stones between different parts of your garden—this is especially nice if you have some low-lying ground that tends to get muddy when it rains because then you won’t have to worry about getting dirty shoes!

6. Garden Hose: Use an old hose

(I know that you can’t just write this in the brief, but I wasn’t sure how to make it clear that this would be a blog post with a list of uses and an introduction paragraph)

1. Herbs: Plant your favorite herbs in them and hang them near your kitchen window!

2. Secret Storage: Use one as a vase if it’s large enough, or fill it up with a small plant and use it as a place to hide important documents!

3. Refrigerator Magnets: Kids love decorating their own fridge magnets, so why not let them decorate your old garden decorations?

4. Breathe New Life Into Them: If you have some old ornaments that are getting rusty, try painting them to give them new life!

5. Make A Bird Feeder: Make birds a pretty feeder by filling up one of your old ornaments with birdseed and hanging it in your yard!

6. Make A Decorative Table Centerpiece: What better way to show off your beautiful garden than by putting a few ornaments on your table? You can use whatever plants you like to decorate them with, or just use some of the flowers you already have in bloom!


At [company name], we are proud to be a part of a community that’s so focused on sustainability and creativity. This is why, when you bring in your old garden ornaments, we do all the work so you don’t have to! Our team has identified a dozen ways to repurpose your old ornaments, and we’re happy to share them with you:

1) Use them to decorate your dream catcher.

2) Use them as book ends!

3) Use them as decorative knobs for drawers or doors.

4) Use them as an adorable doorbell ornament.

5) Use them as a special place holder at dinner parties.

6) Use them as handles on your DIY toolbox.

7) Use them as a gardening stake for tomatoes and other vegetables that need support growing up instead of out.

8) Use them to mark the corners of raised beds, either by gluing/screwing the ornament into the corner, or by tying some sort of string around it and staking it into the ground at each corner.

9) Make an indoor herb garden in an old watering can—use the ornament(s) as the finial on top!

10) Turn your

Let’s face it. A garden gnome isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

What WAS your cup of tea was that ceramic unicorn you got for your birthday 50 years ago, but now it’s all chipped and dusty, and you just can’t imagine putting it back in the garden.

So instead of letting those old ornaments gather dust and spiderwebs, why not give them a second chance with these 12 new uses?

1. Use a cherub fountain as a cake topper. It might not sing anymore, but that doesn’t mean it can’t dress up your birthday cake in the most adorable way!

2. Garden gnomes are surprisingly easy to repaint—and they make great cake toppers, too! Or use them as part of a centerpiece, like this clever flower arrangement from Pinterest user [user name]! (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/12345678)

3. Use an old birdbath as a terrarium or aquarium base—now your flowers or fish will have their very own home!

4. Use an old bird feeder as a base for a potted plant—the space at the top is perfect for holding soil and water, so you don’t have to

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