Can Tap Water Contaminants Damage Your Plants

Plants, just like humans, need water in order to survive. The problem with this is that our tap water is filled with harmful contaminants that not only put us in danger, but they put our beloved plants in danger as well. They might not be able to speak out, but if they could, they would definitely ask you to do something about the quality of the water you are pouring into their soil. Read the following lines to see for yourself what are the dangers of using tap water to hydrate your plants, and start taking the necessary measures to protect them from these dangers from now on.

What dangers lurk in tap water?

We all know that tap water is filled with contaminants of various types, but only two of them are truly dangerous to plants, and unfortunately, they are found in tap water all over the world. These dangerous contaminants are sodium chloride and herbicides. While it’s disgusting to think about the fact that we are drinking them, washing with them, and cooking with them, most of us probably forget that the plants are even more sensitive than we are and that these contaminants are destroying them every time we pour tap water on them. Therefore, if you ever wondered why your plants don’t look healthy and they eventually die abnormally fast, the answer to your question is that you are using contaminated tap water to hydrate them.

No matter if we are talking about plants that you grow indoors or plants that you grow in your garden, their health is decaying every single time they are being watered, and this isn’t normal. In addition, think about the fact that the fruits and vegetables that you harvest have been watered with this contaminated water, and how much danger is inflicted on your health by eating them as well.

How can this situation be fixed?

The only viable solution to this problem is to install water filters, and this way you will finally be able to water your plants with clean water. There are many types of water filters out there, and they all do a wonderful job at decontaminating the water, therefore it’s not really that important what type you choose, but rather that you install it and start using it as soon as possible.

Our advice is to install a whole house water filter because it’s the only one that purifies the water that comes out of all the taps in the house, making all the activities you do on a daily basis, that involve using water, safe once again. Research some whole house water filter reviews and compare different products in order to see which is the most efficient choice. On water filters. systems you will find comprehensive reviews that contain all the information necessary for making an informed purchase. Don’t simply wait for this problem to be fixed from the source, and for the municipal water to be clean through a miracle, but rather spend some money on a water filter and provide clean, fresh, and clean water for your plants and for your household members.

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