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Garden Hose: More smart ways to recycle

Every summer I find myself faced with the problem of what to do with all those pantyhose that I no longer have any use for now that the seasonal prohibition against bare legs has been lifted and our hose has the summer off. Here are some ideas from a helpful book entitled Shoes in the Freezer, Beer in the Flower Bed, and Other Down-home Tips for House and Garden.

  • Drop a bar of soap into your hose and hang it near the outdoor faucet for cleaning up before you go inside and make a mess of the house.
  • Fill your pantyhose with human hair (it’s free from your neighborhood beauty parlor) and place it in the flower bed to ward off deer and raccoons.
  • For greater comfort, while weeding, pull on a pair before gardening and stuff sponges or shoulder pad down each leg to the knee.

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  1. Angela

    There is also a mail in recycling program for nylon stockings, tights, and pantyhose. Their website says they take them in any condition, runs are ok.

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