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How to Obtain the Ideal Humidity in a Greenhouse

Maintaining an adequate level of humidity in a greenhouse can prove to be a true challenge even for the most skilled gardeners out there. High levels of humidity in the greenhouse can ruin all your hard work rapidly, because they favor the growth of mold and fungus, while low levels of humidity may lead to the dehydration of your plants. If you want to know how you can obtain and maintain the best humidity in your greenhouse, read the following lines and the humidity will never be a problem again.

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Be careful when you are watering your plants, because if you water them excessively, puddles will form that will eventually evaporate, increasing the humidity drastically.
In addition, watering the plants in excess could directly damage them and make the soil they feed on a drop in quality. When you water your plants, try to water the soil rather than watering the fruits, flowers, or leaves, to avoid spreading too much water around. Also, to make sure you decrease the chances of high humidity in your greenhouse, water the plants in the morning, this way the soil is dry when the temperature falls during nighttime.


To avoid dehydrating your plants, make sure that during the hot summer days you have a shade on top of the greenhouse. This way you won’t have problems with low humidity levels, and the plants themselves won’t suffer any damage from the powerful sun rays. You can buy a shade cloth from any garden supply store, and they aren’t expensive, therefore don’t hesitate to use them.


Thankfully for everyone who has a greenhouse, there exist devices you can use to obtain the ideal level of humidity in it without having to make any effort yourself. These devices are the humidifiers and the dehumidifiers, and they can be used in your own home, not only in the greenhouse, so don’t hesitate to use them indoors as well.

Buy a humidistat to know exactly at what percentage the humidity in the greenhouse is, and according to the indicated level use either the humidifier or the dehumidifier to get the levels back on track. Use a humidifier when you notice that the humidity levels are dropping below %50, and the device will make sure the greenhouse has the ideal level of humidity constantly. Do the same with the dehumidifier, using it when you notice the humidity level is above 60%, and you will never have problems with the humidity again.

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