Six Advantages of Owning a Garden Gnome

They can be cheap

Gnomes are stereotypically expensive, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you know where to look, there are many gnome models available for under $50. Whether you choose a traditional design or something more contemporary, you can find a gnome that fits your budget and personal style.

If it’s important to you to get the exact gnome of your dreams but it’s out of your current price range, consider painting one yourself! This is a fun project that lets you customize your garden in any way that suits you.

Another cost-saving option is choosing a material other than concrete or clay: wood and plastic are two great choices if price is an issue because they typically cost less than other options.

They are fun gifts

Gnomes are great for any occasion, but especially so when given as a gift. Whether you want to give your child or grandchildren gnomes or you’re looking for a fun way to start off your date night by making gnomes, garden gnomes are sure to bring some cheer. Give your boss or coworker a special treat with personalized gnome statues and make their day a little brighter. With all the options available, it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

Gnomes don’t need to be fed

If you’re worried about the cost of owning a pet, or if you think the responsibility of caring for one might be too much for you to handle, then gnomes are definitely worth considering. While other pets require expensive food and veterinary care, gnomes don’t need to be fed (or walked or groomed). They don’t have fleas. And even though they do sometimes get sick, they have a natural resistance to most known diseases, so unless your gnome is taken seriously ill by something like an infected splinter there isn’t much that needs to be done beyond propping them up on some pillows and letting them rest until they get better.

Owning a garden gnome can also help save money when it comes time for your annual vacation. Instead of spending hundreds (or thousands) on dog boarding fees or hiring someone to take care of your cat while you’re away from home, all you’ll need to do is prop your gnome up somewhere nice in the sun where he can enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Gnomes will scare away racoons, rabbits and other critters from your garden.

Gnomes will scare away racoons, rabbits and other critters from your garden. Racoons tend to climb trees, so placing a gnome nearby will keep them away from your trees. Rabbits and other critters are scared by the sight of a gnome as well, so they won’t enter your garden.

Gnomes can help you find your keys

Even if your gnome isn’t a magician, there’s still lots of other ways that he can help you out. Your gnome will be willing to do anything for you and will always be happy to lend a helping hand. For example, since gnomes are such great listeners, whenever you misplace something around the house, they’re always ready with helpful suggestions.

This means that no matter how many times you lose your keys or forget where you left the remote control, you can always count on your garden gnome to help find it again. With one of these little guys around, they won’t just sit there as well! They’ll ask what it is that you’re looking for and then point out little things that might help jog your memory about where it is.

All the cool kids have gnomes in their garden!

All the cool kids have gnomes in their garden! Garden gnomes are a classic addition to any yard. A fun piece of decor that is sure to bring joy to all who see it, garden gnomes are the perfect way to make your garden stand out from the rest.

Be the envy of all your friends. Have a backyard party and be prepared for all your guests to go home and start shopping for their own gnome.

Garden gnomes are great for your home, your life and your friends!

Garden gnomes are purposeful, magical creatures. While they may appear to be decorative and whimsical, these little guys have a much larger mission in life. If you need assistance finding your car keys, call on a garden gnome for help! Garden gnomes live for this sort of thing, and would love the opportunity to assist you in any way possible. These friendly little critters will stop at nothing to help you find your keys so that you can get out the door and on with your day!

Are you having trouble making ends meet? The good news is that garden gnomes are incredibly affordable! In fact, they cost as little as $20 per month—and that’s all-inclusive. You don’t have to worry about providing them with food or shelter; garden gnomes are self-sufficient and make their own homes underground! This makes them extremely low maintenance pets. You can literally spend just $20 per month and not think twice about it—and trust us when we say that garden gnomes are worth every penny!Homeowners are a tough crowd, and you have to be on your toes to stay in their good graces. But don’t worry: if you’ve ever been concerned about the quality of your landscaping, we have six advantages of owning a garden gnome that will blow your mind—and will help you keep up with the Joneses.

One, they’re super cute. Seriously, who doesn’t want a little guy hanging out in their garden or by their front door? Whether it’s an adorably worried-looking gnome, a cheerful-looking gnome fishing, or a fun-loving gnome playing golf on your lawn, there’s no way anyone could resist these tiny guys’ charm (except maybe Mr. Jones).

Two, they can help with the landscaping. If you’re not much of a gardener and maybe you’ve let things get out of hand in the yard department, no sweat—just get yourself some gnomes and call it a day! Because they’re so small and cute, even if you don’t have much of anything else going on in your yard (sorry), no one will notice—they’ll just be distracted by all those tiny faces smiling at them from among the weeds.

Three, they can help

Garden gnomes, or “terracotta dwarves,” have long been a classic addition to any yard. But what are the advantages of owning one? Here are six great reasons.

1. They are good luck charms. The tradition of placing garden gnomes in gardens began in Germany in the 19th century, and they were believed to ward off evil spirits that might harm plants and animals.

2. They are excellent conversational starters. When company comes over, you can spend the whole conversation trying to figure out where exactly the garden gnome is looking—up at the stars, or down at your feet?

3. They can help with your social media presence. Everyone has seen a photo of a garden gnome on Instagram or Facebook: pose with your garden gnome and watch your likes soar!

4. They make great gifts for gardeners who have everything. A gift card to Home Depot is nice… but a gift card from Home Depot doesn’t come with an adorable little beard and pointy red hat!

5. They make great impressions on dates. If you’re tired of hearing about your date’s collection of stuffed animals, try showing them something new—a tiny lawn resident who will always be there for you!

6. They

You may be surprised to find out that owning a garden gnome is actually more beneficial than you thought. Here are six reasons to finally cave and get one:

1. They turn your lawn into a work of art.

2. They are less expensive than buying a real statue.

3. They make great gifts for the holidays—just paint them red and white!

4. If you’re having a bad day, they can always tell you knock-knock jokes.

5. If you’re having a good day, they will dance and sing with you in celebration!

6. There are so many different kinds of garden gnomes to choose from!

A garden gnome is one of the most underrated household decorations out there. You can place these hardy little fellas on your porch, in your flower bed, or in your pool and they’ll be happy as can be (and you’ll be happy too). Here are six reasons why you should consider adding a garden gnome to your family:

1. They make great gifts for any occasion.

2. They love to travel! If you take a garden gnome along with you on your next vacation, he’ll always remember it fondly and will want to go again.

3. They’re great for getting into small spaces—like the back of your oven or under the floorboards of your house where you think that mouse has been living.

4. They’re light on their feet! Garden gnomes love to dance, so put on some music and let them have a ball!

5. And they’re not just good at dancing—they’re also excellent singers! In fact, many famous opera singers are actually garden gnomes (but we don’t want to give away their identities).

6. Garden gnomes are right-brained thinkers, which means they have an innate sense of color schemes—so they’ll

Are you thinking about upgrading your garden? Have you considered going the gnome route?

Well, we’re here to tell you: there is no better time than right now to own a garden gnome. Here’s why you should buy one today.

Gnomes are cute AF. Let’s be honest: if you’re looking for a garden upgrade, and you want something cute, what are you gonna do? Get some kind of spooky statue? No way! You want something with a face that says “I’m cute and I know it!”

Gnomes are good luck. Sure, some people say they’re bad luck—but those people are full of it. Gnomes bring good fortune to all those around them. Just ask the ancient Greeks: they believed gnomes were in charge of protecting precious metals and gemstones in underground caverns and mines. And sure, maybe that’s not true anymore—but it was! So who’s to say gnomes aren’t still bringing good luck to all of us? In our humble opinion, nothing can change a person’s life quite like a garden gnome can.

Gnomes are funny as hell. OK, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Gnomes make us laugh

1. They’re totally cute

Garden gnomes are the best. They just sit there, with their adorably crooked grin, and their hats and their beards and their suspenders, just looking at you like, “hullo.”

2. They can scare away burglars

Burglars LOVE garden gnomes, because they’re so cute. If you have a garden gnome, burglars will just look at your house from the outside and get so excited about the garden gnome that they’ll think about coming in but then realize that they might destroy your gnome and then they’ll leave without taking anything.

3. They make a great conversation piece

If you have a garden gnome on your lawn, people will want to talk to you about it. And if you don’t have one? People still want to talk to you about it! You’ll be the envy of all your neighbors as everyone gathers around to discuss your fabulous decision to get a garden gnome for your lawn.

4. They’re good for your lawn

Garden gnomes are soil aerators! That’s right: if you have a garden gnome on your lawn, it will help keep all of those bugs away that would otherwise burrow

1. They’re Good Listeners.

2. They Always have Your Back.

3. They’re Good Company.

4. They never give you any lip (because they don’t have any).

5. Their stories are legendary—but they don’t gossip or spread rumors (see point #1).

6. They’re ultra-reliable and, if you let them move in, will watch your house for years and years without ever asking for a raise, vacation time, or health insurance.

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