Top 35 Garden Design Ideas for 2019

Bamboo Garden Tunnel

Building a bamboo tunnel is easy. If you have a lot of space on your property, this is a decoration that should be added to your garden. The bamboo tunnel will give the best look when it’s placed on a big lawn or garden.

How to do it? There are several ways of doing it and we’ll cover the most effective ones in the following sections below. In order for you to successfully build your own bamboo tunnel, you will need:

  • A shovel
  • A pair of pruning shears
  • Bamboo stakes (you can get them at any hardware store)
  • Bamboo poles (it’s recommended that these be natural but synthetic ones also work)

Once you have all these materials ready and at hand, then let’s get started!

Chinese Ink Painting Garden

Chinese ink painting garden is an art form that we don’t see too often outside of China. Although it originated in the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD), it peaked during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (907-960 AD).

Today, many Chinese gardens are designed to recreate a natural landscape—but not Chinese ink painting gardens. The design of these gardens is based on the artist’s imagination rather than on reality, and so the colors used create a visual landscape with no real reference point to nature.

In your Chinese ink painting garden, you can expect to see black, grey and white colors everywhere—except for one section which will be painted with black ink. This part will be where all attention is focused when you look at the garden from a distance; since this aesthetic is about immersing yourself in your own thoughts and imagination, it works best if viewed from all angles.

Custom-designed Chinese Garden

The most important point in creating a Chinese garden is that it should be arranged in the form of Chinese terraces, so that they will give the impression of depth and help to accentuate the beauty and uniqueness of your garden. The main idea is to create several levels with different plants on each one and then properly distribute them.

Another important aspect of creating a Chinese garden is building a path through it. It should be made not only for convenience, but also as a sort of symbol, since it will serve as an ancient stone road for you to walk on. This can be done by using gravel or any other type of stones (granite, marble), but the most common material for making such paths are pebbles from rivers because they look more natural.

Pagoda Pathway

In order to make sure that the garden is decorated in a traditional Chinese style, we must not forget about the pagoda. The pagoda is a traditional architectural form of China with a multi-eaved round roof and an odd number of tiers, which can be square or round in shape. The pagoda was first used as a monument for Buddhist landmarks, but later it also started serving as a temple. In addition to being decorative and beautiful, the pagoda creates an atmosphere of privacy and solemnity within the garden. It is recommended to choose light colors — white or pastel — so that they look elegant but do not distract from other elements in the garden.

Oriental Birdhouse

As you may know, birds can be trained to perform tricks and entertaining behaviors. But not all of the feathered friends are known for their clownish antics; some, like the oriental birdhouse finch, have dignified habits. There’s no better place to see this in action than in the home garden.

With enough patience and care, your own oriental house finch can be a happy resident of your garden. Here are some guidelines for building your own oriental birdhouse:

  • Use wood—it’s preferred over other materials by the house finch
  • Paint the birdhouse red—the color is meant to attract more birds to it
  • Put it by a water feature—this will help keep it clean and attract even more birds
  • Make sure it looks Chinese—”oriental” is just another word for “Chinese,” after all
  • Give your bird something on which to perch—it needs a spot from which it can survey its domain!At first you might think that taking care of an oriental house finch would be like caring for any other type of bird but if you follow these steps then soon you’ll find yourself with an adorable pet that will watch over your garden for years.

Zen Stone Garden

Zen Stone Garden!

If you love being in the garden and relaxing, then you definitely need to think about using Zen stone in your garden. This is a wonderful way for you to relax and not worry about anything else. You can have a stunning garden that is designed with Zen stones if you want to.

Many of these gardens are actually Japanese rock gardens. They are also known as Japanese gravel gardens or dry landscape gardens. They use rocks, sand and gravel or moss to create harmony in the space and this is done by carefully arranging these things together. You will find that most of the time, there are raked patterns in the sand so that it looks like water flowing through it even though there isn’t any water at all! These types of gardens are meant to be tranquil and meditative spaces where people can go and relax without having anything else on their mind!

Pagoda Statue

The pagoda statue is a representation of a Buddhist shrine. They are usually made of stone, which is a material that represents endurance and strength in Chinese culture, and are typically adorned with dragons, which are considered to be sacred creatures in China. Pagodas have an important place in Chinese culture as they were often used as shrines by the royal class, who would pray at them to keep their kingdoms safe and prosperous. The use of pagodas was not limited to temples though; they can also be found as ornamental pieces in gardens or as part of other statues such as those depicting lions guarding an entranceway into one’s home from evil spirits.

A Chinese garden does not require all these elements for it to be considered authentic: some designers like to incorporate only what they think best fits their vision, while others will select every possible element that could enhance the design.

It’s up to you!

Zen Circle Garden

A Zen Circle Garden is a Japanese rock garden made of small rocks, gravel and sand. Rocks in the gardens are symbolic, they symbolize mountains and hills. The circle symbolizes the wholeness of the universe! A circle is also a symbol of life and death. As you can see on this picture, there is no entrance to this garden. It’s not just an ornamental thing – Zen Circle Garden is meant to be a place for meditation, so there’s no need to enter it!

So if your idea of relaxation is contemplating stones, then feel free to create one!

Feng Shui Water Bowls

Feng shui bowls can be used to bring positive energy into a home and attract the desired elements of life. They are all about positive energy, creating a harmonious balance between the different aspects of your life. Feng Shui water bowls represent wealth, abundance and prosperity. The water that is put in it represents unlimited potential and opportunities.

The feng shui bowl is an ancient tool for attracting positive energy into a home or business environment, which is based on the principles of Chinese design. It has been used by millions of people around the world to help them create a harmonious balance in their lives and attract good luck into their homes or businesses.

Serenity Pool Design

Water plays an essential role in the design of a Chinese garden. If you have more space, a larger pool can be quite beautiful. However, it may be more practical to put in a smaller, more intimate pool if your yard is less spacious. As for the shape, consider the size of your garden (and whether it’s square- or rectangular-shaped) when designing the pool, as this will help determine which shapes work best. For example, it’s not wise to choose an oval shape if your garden is very small—this will only make it seem even smaller than it really is!

In traditional Chinese garden design, it was common to place a pool at the center of one’s property and then build around it with other elements like trees or fences; however today many homeowners prefer putting theirs off to one side so they can enjoy views of both their water feature in addition to their yard on either side while relaxing outside on nice days!

Feng Shui Wind Chime Planter

A wind chime is usually a Chinese decoration in the garden. It’s believed that if you strike it, it will bring you good luck. You can also use this beautiful decoration to add Feng Shui to your garden and the whole house. You should know that Feng Shui is the way of life and proper arrangement in your home according to the 5 elements: water, wind, sun, sky and earth.

The best plants for this decor are black bamboo, calla lilies or anthuriums because they attract positive energy in your home. On the other hand you shouldn’t put red flowers or red petals because they symbolize bad luck. If you want to make something like this try to choose dark blue or white color for flowers because these colors symbolize wealth and happiness for future generations.

Chinese Lantern Lights

Chinese lanterns are a traditional symbol of luck and prosperity. You can decorate your garden with lanterns made of paper, metal, or plastic. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are easy to set up.

Rock Fountain Design

Rock fountain gardens are a modern way to transform your patio or backyard into a simple, yet beautiful water feature. Creating this type of garden is very easy, and there are many different styles from which to choose. You can combine rock formations with small plantings and create a natural looking garden that will bring beauty and harmony to your home.

If you want to add some water features in your garden but don’t have the space, then a rock fountain is the perfect solution. These fountains range from simple designs made with only rocks and pebbles to highly detailed ones that include plants, fish ponds, and even lighting effects.

You can find many types of rock fountains at local home improvement stores or online retailers such as Amazon where they sell kits for creating your own waterfall! Remember: be sure not to place these too close together so that they’re not right next door neighbors on either side; otherwise it’ll look like one big mess instead.*END OF SECTION*

Oriental Bridge Structure

When you want to make a real statement, an Oriental bridge can do the trick. However, this is only possible when you know how to build and decorate it in the authentic style. From choosing the proper materials to making sure that it fits the theme of your garden, there are several things that need to be taken into account.


In most cases, an Oriental-style bridge will be made out of wood and feature Asian style beams and other details. The best way to add these details is with a carpenter though you can also find kits that will allow you to construct your bridge on your own.


The size of the bridge will depend on its placement as well as how big you want it to be. While small bridges may work better in smaller spaces, if you have a larger yard or pond area then something bigger may work better for you. In most cases you’ll want a design that’s large enough for someone walk across or even sit down on from time-to-time.


There are several options for decorating your new oriental bridge including:

  • Engraving: You can have an engraver come out and etch passages or symbols directly onto the sides of your wood beams giving them a beautiful oriental touch that lasts for years.

All you need to create a proper Chinese garden is your vivid imagination.

All you need to create a proper Chinese garden is your vivid imagination.

You can use any plants and flowers to create a Chinese garden, including flowering trees and bushes, evergreens, palms, miniature firs, and cedars. Here are the most popular plants used in creating the Chinese gardens:

  • bamboo
  • sumach
  • birch tree
  • bento grass
  • mountain ash berries (Sorbus)

Top 35 Garden Design Ideas for 2019

The Chinese garden design is one of the most popular designs in the world and has been used by many people to decorate their yards. One of the main reasons that it is so popular is because it makes use of natural elements and brings them into your yard. The design is also very easy to maintain and makes your yard look more elegant and beautiful.

A lot of people like this type of design because it does not make use of any artificial materials and you will be able to enjoy the fresh air in your garden. It can also be a great way to relax and spend your free time in a peaceful environment.

One thing that you should know about this type of design is that it uses natural elements that are very cheap, but they can still make your garden look very attractive. You will be able to find some beautiful stones, rocks, and even wood that you can use in your garden to add some color and style to it. There are also many different types of plants that you can use in this style of design.

The Chinese garden design has been around since ancient times and was first used by the ancient Chinese people who lived in China thousands of years ago. These gardens were often created as a place where families could spend

Top 35 Garden Design Ideas for 2019

We love the Chinese design style. It’s so elegant, so simple, and just so beautiful. We decided to look up some of our favorite gardens in the Chinese style and put them into this list. If you love them as much as we do, feel free to use these pictures as inspiration for your own garden!

Chinese design has long been a source of inspiration for home and garden design. Today, we’re here to show you that it’s not just for the experts: anyone can create a beautiful Chinese-style garden! Here are the top 35 ideas for Chinese garden design in 2019:

1. Bring your garden to life with potted plants and flowers on a shelf. When using plants in your outdoor space, don’t forget about your walls! You can easily create a unique look by arranging pots on shelves or placing them inside hanging planters. This will add plenty of color and dimensionality to your garden while giving it more personality as well.

2. Use bamboo fencing to separate different areas of the yard, like this one designed by architect Steven Harris Architects LLP. Bamboo is not only an inexpensive material—it also looks great with other elements like wood or stone because it contrasts nicely against their natural textures (and vice versa).

3. Add some height to your garden with trellises or planters on stands. A trellis provides support for climbing vines and flowers while also creating an attractive focal point in the center of any space; plus, they’re easy to install yourself! If you don’t have room on top of your

It’s a brand new year, and that means it’s time for some new design ideas for your garden. This year, we’re looking to the East for inspiration. Keep reading to see our top 35 picks for Chinese-inspired garden designs in 2019.

Then you can choose which one you want to use! We’ve broken it down into categories so you can more easily pick the perfect design idea for your garden.

Hardscape Ideas

1. Chinese Garden Wall

2. Pagoda

3. Koi Pond

4. Rock Garden

5. Water Wheel

Softscape Ideas

6. Japanese Maple Tree

7. Bamboo Fencing

8. Mondo Grass Borders

9. Drought-Tolerant Ground Covering Plants like Sedum or Artemesia

10. Rosemary Hedge

1. Chinese garden design has a long history and is famous for its unique style. It is a combination of natural beauty and human artistic creation.

2. Chinese gardens were built as early as the Zhou Dynasty (1045-771 BC), but the most famous gardens were created during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) and the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The Chinese believe that nature should be appreciated, and people should live in harmony with it, not destroy it. Chinese garden design reflects this philosophy:

3. The Chinese use rocks to represent mountains, water to represent lakes or rivers, plants to represent trees, and paths to represent roads. In a traditional Chinese garden there are no straight lines or sharp corners because they represent chaos and disorder.

4. The four main elements of a Chinese garden are: rocks, water, plants  and paths. These four elements are combined in different ways to create an environment that is both beautiful and peaceful. You can find more information about how these elements work together on our website at [website].

5. There are many different types of rocks used in Chinese garden design: rocks made from marble, limestone, granite or sandstone; rocks found naturally like river stones

35. #1: The “I’m-Going-to-Put-My-Garden-Here” Garden

This is the place to start. If you’re not sure where your garden is going to be, this is definitely the garden for you!

1. The first thing to do is purchase a pair of cherry red, high heeled shoes that are made out of leather. If you can’t find these made out of leather, find a pair made out of vinyl.2. The next thing you want to do is purchase a pair of black tights that are ribbed and made out of nylon.3. Now you will want to purchase a black velvet dress that has white lace around the cuffs and neckline. This dress should be knee length or shorter.4. You will now need to purchase a pair of black lace gloves that come up to the middle finger.5. The last thing you will need is a white lace fan that measures at least 14 inches long and 10 inches wide.6. You will also need some makeup for this costume:* A bottle of foundation that matches your skin tone.* A bottle of blush in a color that matches your skin tone.* A bottle of eyeliner in black.* A tube of mascara in black.* Red lipstick that matches the color of your shoes.* Purple eyeshadow (or another color if you prefer).7. You’re almost ready to go! But first you have to get dressed:* Put on your tights and make sure

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