5 Water Fountain Designs That You Can’t Miss


If you’re looking for a water fountain design that will add beauty to your garden or patio, there are many options available.

A waterfall fountain is a great choice for those who want to create an impressive centerpiece in their yard.

Waterfalls are popular because they are easy to install and are great for any climate. These fountains also have a natural look that can be easily incorporated into a garden or patio. Waterfalls are great for large yards or small yards, as long as the space has adequate drainage and can handle the weight of the water.


Stone is a natural material that can be molded into many shapes. Therefore, you can find stone fountains in many sizes and models. Most of them have a water basin which is usually large and made out of concrete. Stone fountains are also designed with other materials such as metal or glass to add more oomph to their design.

Floor fountains

Floor fountains are best used in the center of a space, where they can be viewed from all angles. Typically, these designs are meant to be installed indoors, but outdoor countertop fountains can provide a similar effect. If you opt for one of the freestanding indoor models, look for an open floor plan to situate your fountain in a way that maximizes its beauty and aesthetic impact on the surrounding space.

For centuries, people have used water features like these as a way to transform their homes into soothing sanctuaries—but today’s modern floor models offer even more practical benefits than those of years past. In his book The Healing Power of Fountains: Designing and Constructing Indoor Water Features for Health Care Facilities and Other Commercial Spaces, author Gary Stone writes about how fountains can create the “feeling of being outdoors” by dissipating noise and increasing humidity levels.

In addition to being tranquil oases that promote relaxation and well-being, floor fountains also boost property value by enhancing aesthetics. These versatile pieces come in a variety of materials—including glass, stone, metal—and sizes; so regardless of whether you’re designing a small studio apartment or sprawling mansion home with 20 foot ceilings, there’s sure to be an option that fits within your budget range and design scheme.


Solar-powered fountains utilize the power of the sun to pump and circulate water. They are a fantastic way to add decorative value and relaxing sounds to any outdoor space without increasing your utility bills.

Although solar-powered fountains are highly appealing, they do have some drawbacks that you should know before you buy one:

  • Cost: These units tend to be more expensive than other models because they require a high level of engineering and manufacturing expertise. But if you’re willing to invest in a good quality product, it will pay off over time with lower electricity costs and increased enjoyment from having such an attractive piece on display outdoors.
  • Decorative Appeal: While solar-powered fountains can be quite decorative, many people don’t care for the look of them. This is especially true if you live in an area where there isn’t much sunlight during certain months or seasons (like winter). A good solution would be adding some rocks around the base so that it looks less like an eyesore when not being used as often due to lack of sunshine! If this doesn’t appeal to your aesthetic preferences then consider purchasing another type instead like those made from ceramic materials which tend not only be cheaper but also more visually pleasing overall than their plastic counterparts – just make sure they’re waterproof first before installing them outside!

Garden fountains

Garden fountains are a great addition to any outdoor space. They help create a pleasant, restful ambiance and can bring your garden to life. You can select from many different styles, sizes and materials for the perfect design.


Garden fountains come in all shapes and sizes from little tabletop water features to big tiered fountains that act as focal points in your garden. If you have only a small area or want a fountain that is more subtle, there are plenty of choices available. If you’re looking for something bigger and more dramatic, there are also lots of options available including tiered fountains and those with larger pools that act as mini ponds or contain fish.


Garden fountains can be made of stone, metal, ceramic or concrete and come in just about any colour you can think of so they blend perfectly with the surroundings. Some manufacturers even make them so they look like rocks but when turned on they flow with water making them difficult to spot unless you know where to look! You might even consider adding one into an existing rockery if this is possible without damaging anything else around it first – it could give your garden an interesting new dimension!

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When combined with motivating visual cues, such as putting inspirational pictures on your phone background or in your wallet (even better: put them somewhere where they will be seen by other people!), self-compassion can help create an upward spiral toward success!Fountains are a great way to spruce up your home or business. They provide a refreshing place to take a break, and can even create a calming atmosphere.

There are so many great water fountain designs out there, it can be hard to choose just one! Here are 5 you won’t want to miss:

1. The Drip: This fountain features a continuous flow of water in a “drip” shape. It’s perfect for the minimalist who wants to add an accent piece without cluttering their space.

2. The Spout: This design is made out of steel and features an elegant curved spout that will add some contemporary flair to any room!

3. Bubble Fountain: For those looking for something more playful, this bubble fountain is sure to delight!

4. Illumination Fountain: If you’re looking for something that really stands out, try this Illumination Fountain! It comes with LED lights that light up in changing colors at night time so your guests will be mesmerized by its beauty while they enjoy themselves indoors or on their patio area outdoors during summer months when it gets dark later in the day – making this indoor/outdoor feature ideal addition to any home!

5. Cascading Waterfall Fount

Drinking water is one of the most important things we can do for our health. It keeps our bodies functioning at their best, and it helps flush out all the toxins that try to make us feel sluggish and slow.

But a lot of people often get bored with water and start to lose interest in it. That’s what inspired us to create this list of five water fountain designs that you won’t believe exist! Some are fun, some are serious, but all of them are great ways to get your daily dose of H2O.

1. The Tiki Water Fountain

This water fountain will make you feel like you’re on vacation at an island paradise every time you drink from it. It’s shaped like a classic tiki head, and it has a twist-off top so you can clean out any algae buildup you might have inside after a few days without use.

2. The Thunder Dome Water Fountain

For those who want something a little more rugged (and ready), there’s this water fountain that looks just like the Thunder Dome from Mad Max: Fury Road! It comes complete with two cups so you and a friend can drink straight from the dome itself—if you dare…

3. The Spinning Top Water Fountain

Sometimes, when

Water fountains: they’re cool, they’re refreshing, and they just might save your life.

But water fountains aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing fixtures in a room. They can be ugly, clunky, and totally out of place with the other furnishings. So what’s a water-loving person to do?

Well, we’re here to give you some inspiration for water fountains that can make any room shine!

1. The classic Victorian water fountain: Why not go classic with this beautiful fountain inspired by the Victorian era? It’s simple, yet elegant. This is a perfect addition to both indoor and outdoor living spaces!2. The futuristic infinity fountain: This unique design is really something to behold! Just imagine it in your home or office—everybody will be asking where you got it from!3. The contemporary brick water fountain: If you like modern designs like this one, you’ll love our next fountain…4. The minimalist marble fountain: For those who have more spartan tastes, this is the perfect choice! It will bring some much-needed beauty into your space without overwhelming your decorating style!5. The eco-friendly bamboo fountain: If you want something more earthy, this

Water fountains are one of the most ubiquitous sights in any major city. They’re highly functional, but also beautiful and artistic. We decided to find some of the coolest, most innovative water fountain designs from around the world so that you can be as inspired by them as we are.

1. The first design is called “Aqua Anima” by Italian sculptor Mario Molinari. It’s located in front of the Palazzo della Ragione in Pavia, Italy and is an amazing example of interactive public art. The fountain has multiple layers and jets that flow down into a pool below, and there are three levels on which people can stand to enjoy the show.

2. The second design is called “Golden Cascade” by French artist Jean-Yves Lechevallier. It’s located at the Palais Royal in Paris, France and it’s a stunning example of traditional water sculpture in action. The fountain’s centerpiece is a massive gold statue that shoots water from its outstretched arms into two large pools below it—one for kids to splash around in, and one for adults to sit back and relax next to.

3. The third design is called “The Source” by British artist Jeppe Hein. It

Water fountains are pretty cool. They come in all shapes and sizes, and I’ve seen them in places you wouldn’t even expect, from my aunt’s house to the offices of my friend’s dad.

But some water fountains are cooler than others. Have you ever seen a water fountain that looked like a toilet? Or another that was shaped like a giant swan?

Well, check out these awesome water fountains to see what I mean:

– A big toilet Water Fountain

– A giant swan Water Fountain

– An egg Water Fountain

– A spraymister Water Fountain

– A showerhead Water Fountain

If you’re on the lookout for a new water fountain, you might want to take a look at these:

#1: The Rainbow Water Fountain

This water fountain is seriously beautiful. It’s got all the colors of the rainbow, and it even changes color based on what time of day it is!

#2: The Waffle Water Fountain

Have you ever wanted a waffle and a glass of water at the same time? Now you can have both with this waffle-shaped water fountain!

#3: The Water Fountain That Makes No Sense

This water fountain looks like an abstract sculpture—you’ll never guess where the water comes from! Best of all, there’s no need to fill it up with water. Because magic.

#4: The Water Fountain That Also Makes Smoothies

Do you live an active lifestyle? What if you could get your daily hydration AND your daily fruit servings in one quick step? This water fountain does just that! It mixes all your favorite fruits into a delicious smoothie for you to enjoy. Yum!

#5: The Water Fountain That Will Bite Your Hand Off

If your household includes any pets or small children, this might not be the water fountain for you. This one bites back

1) A fountain that shoots water straight up.

2) A fountain that spirals.

3) A fountain that looks like a tornado.

4) A fountain that you can drink out of.

5) A fountain with a little water park for kids.

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