Storage Sheds 101

What is a storage shed?


  • What Exactly Is a Storage Shed?
  • Parts of the Shed
  • The Different Types of Storage Sheds
  • How to Choose the Right Type of Storage Shed for You
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Each Type of Storage Shed

The different types of storage sheds.

When you start shopping for storage sheds, you’ll see there are many options to choose from. The most popular materials used to make garden sheds are wood, metal, or plastic. You’ll also notice a variety of shapes and sizes that range from large capacity workshops to small portable storage sheds. If you want the best shed for your needs, here’s how to narrow down your options:

  • Wood Storage Sheds: Available in a traditional design or cottage style, these are the most versatile sheds on the market since they can be customized with windows, doors, and other features based on your needs.
  • Metal Storage Sheds: These durable structures provide protected space for storing tools and equipment safely out of sight. They’re also fire resistant and water-resistant so they don’t require maintenance like wood sheds do. Most metal storage sheds come with a one year warranty so you can rest assured knowing it will last a long time without needing repairs or replacement parts.
  • Plastic Storage Sheds: If budget is important but you still want something durable enough to keep items safe inside when not in use then look no further than our polyethylene plastic garden sheds! These units come fully assembled with pre-drilled holes (for easy installation) at an affordable price point that won’t break your bank account while providing plenty of space inside so everything stays neat organized — all year round!

Even if none of these options sound right just yet – don’t worry! We have plenty more shed styles available including mini ones that only take up about 5’x5′ floor space (perfect if you’re short on room outside too!).

Paint it.

Painting your shed will certainly make it more attractive to the eye. You may want to paint the shed to match the color of your house, or the color of the landscaping. Some people even prefer to match the color of their garden for a cohesive look. Are there any other reasons to paint a shed? I am not sure, but you can also paint inside your house if that’s what you’re into.

Add an Awning.

Adding an awning can give your shed a stylish and classy look. An awning can also provide shade and shelter, making it an ideal place to relax on a hot summer’s day or to store that antique armoire you inherited from Aunt Hattie.

Adding an awning can be accomplished in several ways. You may choose to install the awning yourself, or hire someone else to do it for you (a professional).

Adorn your shed with indoor and outdoor decor.

It’s important to think about how you want your shed to look inside and out. Many people use their storage sheds as a quiet place to relax, so it is a good idea to make it as cozy as possible. For example, you can add indoor decor like lights and mirrors. Adding outdoor decorations such as flowers or plants can also make the shed more attractive.

Build a porch or deck.

You can customize the deck or porch to suit your needs, and make it as simple or elaborate as you like. You may want a place to relax and enjoy nature and all its wonders. Maybe you want a place to socialize with friends and family, even have a barbecue! No matter what your reasons for building an extension on your storage shed, these can be great additions for your property.

Plant flowers or vines around your shed.

Planting flowers or vines around your shed can add a lot of beauty and help some of the less attractive parts of your shed blend in. You can choose to have climbing plants grow up the walls, or planters on the ground to bring some color. This is a great way to make your shed look like it belongs in your yard.

Your storage shed can have more uses than just storage space!

For a week, I’ve been working on my garden shed. It’s not particularly big (at least by storage shed standards) but I’m hoping to use it to grow some herbs and veggies through the summer months. My current plan is pretty simple: deviate from traditional planting methods and heap large amounts of compost into small spaces. I’ll take cuttings of flowering plants and will place bulging pots that have large holes in the bottom on either side of them for roots to mingle with water. After that, all that’s left to do is give everything plenty of room to spread out and grow.

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In our first post, we’ll talk about the different kinds of sheds available and which ones are right for you!

Welcome to Storage Sheds 101!

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Hi there! Welcome to Storage Sheds 101, a blog dedicated to all things shed-related. A shed can be a little thing at the back of your house or a gigantic warehouse where you store your tanks and other vehicles, but either way, it’s something that you can use to protect what’s important.

We’re here to tell you that sheds don’t have to be a nuisance. They’re more than just somewhere for you to put your stuff. No, they can be more than that—they can be an extension of your home. With a little creativity and some DIY spirit, your shed can become the best part of your home!

Hey there! Welcome to the Storage Sheds 101 blog—the definitive resource for all things sheds.

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We know how much you value your storage sheds.

You use them to store your things. You store your expensive things in them. You sometimes store your most important memories in them. And you want to keep those things safe and sound, right? That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you protect the things that matter most to you, and we do that by offering you the best advice on how to care for your storage sheds so that they can keep doing their job—keeping your stuff safe from the elements and other hazards.

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