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Best Flowers For a Winter Garden

You don’t have to be an avid gardener to appreciate and have a garden filled with beautifully colored flowers that cheer the whole place up. The only problem with any garden is that during winter, just like everything else, it seems to go into hiding until the warm weather returns when spring comes. If you want to make this an inconvenience of the past, and you want to look out the window when it’s snowing to see not only a white bed of snow but for different colored flowers that poke through it as well, you should read the following lines to find out which are the best flowers to plant for a winter garden.


Heather, or Calluna vulgaris, is a low-growing perennial shrub that only grows to 8-20 inches in height, it’s very popular in Europe and Asia, and it has beautifully colored flowers. Due to the fact that it blooms all year, you can enjoy its beautiful flowers all year, and on the white background that the snow creates during winter, these magnificent flowers pop out, even more, providing you with the best view possible. To understand how much Europeans truly appreciate the beauty of this flower, the purple heather is one of the two national flowers of Norway, and this probably says it all. In order to be able to see why it’s so loved, plant it yourself in the garden this winter, and you won’t ever want to give up on your heather shrubs, because they have one of the most beautiful flowers out there, and they aren’t pretentious at all.


The Camellia flower is one of the most popular of all the winter flowers because it blooms constantly from fall until spring, and during winter it makes the scenery look like it’s straight from a fairytale or a painting with its strikingly beautiful color. It’s not a pretentious flower, just like all the plants that resist through winter. All it needs is sun, but not too much of it, so it doesn’t dry, and you have to make sure that it’s protected from very strong winds for its gorgeous petals to not fall.

Winter jasmine

There is no need for further introduction with the winter jasmine, because the name says it all, more exactly that this is a plant that loves the cold season. The winter jasmine is a shrub that is loved all over the world due to its amazing yellow flowers that give a shockingly beautiful contrast with the white snow. There is no sight that can compare to the delicate flowers of the winter jasmine being caressed by snowflakes that gently fall on them during winter, therefore don’t hesitate to fill your garden with them to have a dreamy view of the garden during the cold season.

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