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Best Designs for Small Gardens

Having a small garden doesn’t mean you have to abstain from unfolding your dreams of how your garden should look, but rather that you have to make them work on a smaller scale. Read the following lines to find out how you can use the available space intelligently in order to have a beautiful garden, by applying our small garden ideas.

Use gravel to brighten up the place

When you have a small garden, you should go for a modern style over the much more crowded traditional style garden. By choosing a modern style for your garden, you can stick to simple designs that don’t need a lot of plants, trees, and decorative elements in their making. A great way to use the limited space you have in order to make it look bigger than it actually is is to use gravel for the whole garden and to place small bushes and shrubs in a geometrical and organized manner.

If you want to have a focus area in the garden, you can place neatly trimmed bushes in a hexagonal shape at the center of it, with a tall statue in the middle of this construction, and use gravel to create the sensation of sun rays bursting from the bushes. This way you will have a lot of paths that lead to the centerpiece, and in combination with the grass patches, the gravel will brighten the garden up, making it look bigger than it actually is.

Trees, shrubs, and lights

The best small garden ideas are those that focus on a simple appearance. Instead of filling it with all the flowers you love, give them up or place some flower beds along the line of the house, and use the garden to make a little forest of your own. To have your own peaceful little forest in your garden, plant trees everywhere, and add a shrub from place to place that has beautiful flowers to add some color to the mix. The trees will provide the best shadow for cooling off in the summer, and they will guard you against having large piles of snow build up during winter. In addition, if you place garden lights in all the trees, and you put a table and chairs under one of them, you will be able to eat dinner with your family when it’s summer in a real paradise.

Create a secret garden on your roof

If you have a small garden and you feel like it isn’t enough for you, you can make another secret garden by using your roof for the second one. Use your normal garden as a space in which you can grow some vegetables, fruits, and herbs because it’s a shame not to have your own homegrown food if you have a garden, even if it’s a small one, and use the roof if its surface is flat and you have access to it to create a second small garden in which you can relax.

You can create a small area in which you can serve your coffee in the morning by placing a table and some chairs, and place flower containers and pots with small trees and bushes all over the place to create the same sensation you would have if you were to make it in the actual garden, but with the extra advantage that you will have a more spectacular view from up there, especially at night when the lights are on in the entire area.

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