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How to Build a Beautiful Water Feature in Your Garden

Water features are excellent ways of turning a common garden into an oasis of relaxation and peace due to the soothing effect of water. A pond or a fountain can completely change the aspect of your garden and can bring a touch of novelty that will enhance the garden’s design. Instead of buying a water feature, you can make one yourself and in the following lines, you will discover how to build them in your garden.

How to create a fountain hidden among the plants

A very simple way to create a water feature is to use a clay pot that will become a beautiful water fountain hidden among the plants. For this project, you will need a clay pot, some caulk, deck sealant, a water pump, and water. First, coat the pot with deck sealant so the water doesn’t penetrate the porous material and it stays inside the pot. Then, you will have to make a hole to feed the pump’s cord through it and seal the hole with caulk. Place the pot among plants in your garden so it will look like a hidden fountain and let the seal and the caulk cure for a couple of days before filling the pot with water and turning the pump on.

How to build a potted pond

In case you have an old tub that you were thinking about throwing away, think again and give it a new purpose by turning it into a garden pond. Dig a hole and place the tub there, not before sealing the drainage hole in the base using a pebble and clear silicone sealant. Once the sealant is dried, paint the tub with blue enamel and fill the tub with water so it looks like a little lagoon or a lake. Arrange plants around the pond and even inside it to make it look very rough and natural. If the plants won’t float, raise them on stones or put a net above the water to sustain the plants.
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How to make a corner barrel pond

You can also make a pond using a half-barrel and some large decorative stones and this one is great for corner placing in the garden. Use a sealant to turn the barrel into an impermeable one and put it in the ground in one corner of your garden. Fill it with water and frame it with beautiful stones and even plants that thrive in moist environments. If you have a large barrel, you can turn it into a pond for turtles so you will have both flora and fauna in the pond.

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