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Japanese Garden Design Ideas

If you want to change your plain-looking garden into a spectacular one, the Japanese garden is the right choice for you. This type of garden offers you a place to relax and meditate, having a peaceful design that allures you with its beauty and simplicity. All the elements of an oriental garden are interconnected in this garden design, blending them together to create an appealing and soothing environment.
In the following lines we will talk about Japanese garden design ideas, so take a look if you want to achieve this design.


Rocks and water are the main elements you have to use to create the perfect Japanese garden. Rocks are definitely the most important element in the creation of this type of garden. Make the pathways that lead through the garden paved with stone, and place along the way on their side medium-sized rocks from place to place to create the perfect look. It is better to use tall upright stones that look identical to sculptures, placing them in certain areas where they will attract the attention of the passers. Usually, these stone sculptures should be in numbers of three, five, or seven to respect the design of this type of garden.

The sound the water makes when it flows is one of the most soothing and relaxing sounds, and it’s mandatory to have a source of water in your Japanese garden for it to be truly a place of meditation and relaxation. Make a tiny river cross your beautiful garden, being surrounded by gorgeous rocks along its way if it’s possible, and if you can’t do this, place water fountains to have that beautiful and relaxing sound invade your garden.
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Plants and flowers

When it comes to plants and flowers, the Japanese garden focuses on perennial flowers, shrubs, cherry trees, pines, and bamboo, but you can add some native plants from your area to the mix to create a more spectacular look. The plants and flowers used should have colors that symbolize the seasons perfectly. Get rid of the all-green look that most gardens have by adding trees that have colored flowers, and create a playful and peaceful look by adding the colors red, pink, white, and yellow to the mix with their help, and with the help of the flowers.


The most important decorations for any Japanese garden are the lanterns and the wooden doors used at the entrance in this paradise. Buy a Japanese-style gate for the garden, and place shrubs on its sides, creating the perfect entrance for this type of garden. Also, don’t forget to place Japanese-style lanterns from place to place, which at night will illuminate the beautiful ensemble, making the whole decor even more exquisite.

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