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Best Outdoor Security Cameras that You can Hide in Your Garden

Security cameras are mandatory for your safety and protection, but unfortunately, it’s not the best idea to let them in plain sight. Burglars might see them and try do avoid being caught on them, or they might cover their faces to make it tough on the authorities to catch them, your neighbors might complain that they feel you are invading their intimacy, and these devices can even ruin the appearance of your property if they are placed somewhere where they can be seen. To keep on monitoring any activity that unfolds on your property while keeping it a secret, you can use one of the items we will describe below, buying one of these outdoor security cameras that you can hide in our garden.

Wi-Fi Outdoor Rock Wireless Hidden Camera

This ingenuous hidden outdoor security camera comes at the price of $650, and no one will ever suspect they are being monitored by a security camera disguised as a rock. Place this security camera anywhere you want, because the last thing that comes to anyone’s mind is that it’s a surveillance camera, giving you the freedom to place it somewhere it will have maximum visual on all the important areas of your home. If you feel it’s needed, buy more of them, and place them around the yard for the best outlay and a complete surveillance area. This amazing wireless hidden camera has a 140-degree field of view, an 8GB SD card that comes with it, it’s motion-activated, a 1280×720 recording resolution, a long battery life that lasts up to 8 hours if it runs continually, and a useful one year warranty in case anything happens to it.

Xtreme Life IR Birdfeeder Hidden Camera

This hidden security camera comes at the price of $500, and it doesn’t only do a great job at recording any movement around your home, but it looks very cute as well. It has a 1280×720 recording resolution, a generous battery life, lasting up to 16 hours if it’s set on continuous recording, a 140-degree field of view, it records to an internal SD card, its maximum memory capacity is 64 GB, it has a motion video recording mode, and you can even adjust the quality of how it records, choosing from low, medium, and high. The only downside to this model is that birds might come thinking they can sit in it and feed, and they will definitely be disappointed when they see it’s fake.
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Plant Hidden Camera/DVR

Every house owner has plants in their gardens, and some even place them on the exterior of their windows. No one will suspect that your beautiful plant basket is actually a hidden security camera. This neat device comes at the price of $500, and it’s a great addition not only for your safety but for the appearance of your home as well. The rechargeable battery of this security camera can last up to one year in standby mode, it comes with a one year warranty and unlimited free support from the technicians, it’s very easy to use and set up, it has a maximum recording capacity of 32 GB, it has a 720×480 recording resolution, it’s motion-activated, and it has time and date stamps on all the footage it records.

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