Practical Vertical Veggie Garden Ideas

If you want to learn how to be eco-friendly, then you must learn how to grow your own food. Don’t worry if you lack space, as a vertical garden can fit into any space. The vertical garden is very appreciated and used, not only because it doesn’t take up much space, but also because it gives you options when it comes to planting as many vegetables or plants as you want, maximizing the growing space to its full potential. In the following lines, we will be talking about a practical vertical veggie gardens, giving you some ideas on how to make your own.

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The vegetable tower gives you options when it comes to how you should make it. It is commonly made out of stacks of containers, or from wood planks, and through the center of it you must place a feeder pole to ensure the vegetables are getting consistent water and stabilization. Maximize your harvest by creating tall towers that can host up to 20 plants, and don’t forget that you can use this concept to plant almost any type of vegetable and fruits, herbs, or flowers, therefore it’s very practical. To make sure your veggies grow fast, use a led grow light which you place above the tower, giving them the necessary amount of light even in those days when it isn’t so sunny outside. Led grow lights are definitely an investment you won’t regret, the results on your harvest from using them being astonishing.
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Fences for the vegetables to grow on them vertically can be made with the use of trellis, arch ways, lattice work, and wire, all of them being great choices to provide the needed support for them to grow and climb on. They give you a lot of extra growing space, and it allows for the vegetables to get more light, and in combination with the use of led grow lights, it’s the ideal vertical garden. In addition, by using this method you keep your precious vegetables away from any pests and rot that can be found at ground level, ensuring they will grow healthy.

Tee Pee

The Tee Pee is the best choice if you want to grow vegetables that are climbing types. To construct the Tee Pee you have to arrange three of four poles to lean together, and secure them close together. The best vegetables to grow on this type of vegetable garden are peas, melons, cucumbers, and any other gourds. This arrangement doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you can combine it with one of the other arrangements we talked about to make a diverse looking garden for your use.

That being said, if you really want to learn how to be eco friendly, now is the time to do it. Forget about excuses such as not having enough time nor the space to grow your own food. The vertical garden is low maintenance, it takes little space and it is the first step that you must make towards a sustainable lifestyle.

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