Dreamy Outdoor Bed Ideas

When we were kids, all of us slept at least once outside when we were in the countryside, on a hammock, or simply on a blanket that we put over the grass. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting outside when you want to read a book or take a nap because you get to enjoy the fresh air and the smell of all the flowers in the garden. Make that childhood moment come to life again by buying an outdoor bed, and on those hot summer days to just sit there and tan, and in the perfect days of spring to take in the smells of all the flowers that have just bloomed. If you want to experience this amazing experience, read the following lines, apply one of these dreamy outdoor bed ideas by placing them in your own yard, and you’ll definitely have a hard time going to bed at night inside your house.

Floating bed

A floating bed gives you many options when it comes to hanging it. You can hang this dreamy bed from a gazebo, an existing beam, the deck, or from a tree limb. The floating bed has a comfortable mattress that sinks in a little when you sit on it, and you don’t have to worry about it when bad weather comes because instead of taking it down you can cover it completely with a tent or a stand cover. The floating bed will look spectacular and will be a great addition to any yard, and because it is easily portable, you can take it with you when you go on a vacation and set up this outdoor bed anywhere you want.
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Swing bed

Swing beds will make you feel like a kid again. You just hang them up by their strings to the porch, the deck, or to the gazebo, and you can start swinging away until you fall asleep. Being placed in an area that is already protected from bad weather, you don’t have to worry about them getting wet or dirty, but it’s still indicated to cover them up just in case there comes a violent wind. Swing beds are pretty much the same as normal beds, only their framework is lighter. Choose an appropriate mattress in shape and size for the framework model you have, and cover the mattress in a lively colored sheet to match the beauty of the outdoors to create your own perfect outdoor bed. Read some mattress reviews in order to find a comfortable mattress, which is capable of withstanding outdoor conditions. You can find helpful mattress reviews on bestmattress.guru.
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Gazebo bed

The gazebo bed is definitely the most spectacular design for an outdoor bed. The gazebo beds are very popular at the seaside because you get to tan on them, and if you want to take a nap or sit and just be protected from the sunlight, you can pull the curtains, blocking the sun. They are a great addition to any home, and there are various models to choose from. In addition, they offer more protection for the bed and mattress, because they can be easily covered completely.

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