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You don’t have to live in a mansion, with acres of land, or even in a city with a wealth of parks to enjoy a beautiful garden. The space you do have can be the setting for your very own oasis. Growing plants can be hugely rewarding, but it’s also hard work and requires time and patience. Here are some tips for creating your very own cozy little garden that would make Martha Stewart proud.

  • Find places to put your plants where they will get sunlight throughout the day.
  • Fill empty spaces in pots or other containers with “potting soil” (a mixture of clay, sand, peat moss and compost). Dig holes within the pot so you can put your seeds inside the holes “bare root” (without dirt).
  • Once planted place them somewhere that gets plenty of sun for several hours each day and wait patiently for them to grow!

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To start, you’ll need to get yourself a few key pieces of equipment: a garden hose and some containers, which will become your home for the plants. Once that’s done, you can choose from around 50 different plants that are best for growing in your area. For example, if you live in an apartment it’s recommended to plant vegetables that require little space like carrots or potatoes, but if you have soil then you could plant cabbages or tomatoes.

It’s kind of hard to fit everything into 1/10th acre so don’t worry too much about landscaping – just focus on getting your garden set up first.


The roses that most of us are familiar with belong to the genus ‘rosa’, which can be split into two categories: hybrid and species. Hybrid roses are cultivated from crosses between different species, often created in a lab environment to produce unique colors and effects. They tend to have denser petals, a more robust stem, and evolve quicker than their species counterparts. Since they’re manmade hybrids, several of them also share traits common to their parent flowers. Some of the most common hybrid roses include ‘Blushing Knock Out’, ‘Rosa Mundi’, ‘Baby Boomer’, and ‘Lavender Lady’.

Species roses are single-flowering plants that have been developed over centuries due to human intervention in the wild. These include some of our favorite types: dog rose (‘Rosa canina’), sweet briar rose (‘Rosa rubiginosa’), weigela rose (‘Rosa rugosa’), and alpine rose (‘Rosa pendulina’). The biggest difference between species roses and hybrids is actually something you can’t see—the genetic code behind their development. While many species roses only come in one color, this isn’t always the case; some are known for having many variations, like ‘Tea Rose’ (which commonly range from cheery pink to deep purple). Other unique species varieties include those with thorns or edible berries, like ‘Moss Rose’ or cherry bush rose (both of which taste great as jam).


In order to get your plants to grow, you’ll need to water them. But how much? How often? And at what time of day? How much water a plant needs changes depending on the size of the pot and whether or not it’s in sunlight. The amount of sunlight a plant receives is dependent upon where it’s located (it might be indoors) and the time of year.

What time of day should you water your plants? That will depend on whether they are sun-loving or shade-loving, which you can find out by reading their tags when you buy them at the store or nursery. Also consider if you’re buying a plant that has been repotted recently; they may need more frequent watering while they adjust to the new soil.

It may seem like a lot to think about, but don’t worry! This guide comes with pictures on when and how to water your garden, so all you have to do is follow along!


As someone who is both a city dweller and an adult, finding a place to get outside and breathe fresh air can be tricky. The fact that you’re reading this means you’re probably like me—unable to survive without some form of nature in your life. Thanks to the magic of modern technology, though, I’m here to tell you that there is such a thing as the perfect garden, and it exists right on your computer screen.

Gardens are great for people who don’t have space or time for full-blown outdoor adventures. Whether you want to simply relax and reflect on life or you want something specific out of your gardening experience—like food!—there’s something here for you.Garderns are a unique combination of garden and gurney.

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