Outdoor Storage Ideas – DIY Outdoor Storage Solutions

Purchase a shed or playhouse and use it to store your garden tools and supplies.

  • Sheds come in all shapes and sizes. From small to large, plastic to wood, sheds can fit any need you have for outdoor storage. A shed may be the perfect solution for your outdoor storage needs. You can often find sheds at home improvement stores or on sites like Amazon and Walmart.
  • If a shed sounds like it could work for you, there are some things to consider:
  • Sheds can be expensive. Depending on the type of shed you get and where you get it from, this option could end up being a significant investment. You may want to consider whether your budget allows room for this project before moving forward with this plan.
  • It can take up a lot of space: While some smaller sheds do exist, they are usually more expensive than larger ones due to their size limitations. You should carefully consider how much space you have available before choosing the right shed for your needs.

Take an old fridge, add a coat of paint and turn it into storage for your patio cushions.

If you have an old fridge kicking around, here’s a great way to repurpose it. By giving it a fresh coat of paint that matches your exterior, you can turn this old appliance into a functional piece of furniture. Use the top as a table surface and store your patio cushions or other outdoor “stuff” inside. We like to add a cushion to the top for additional seating.

If you have an existing deck built-in bench, use it as storage for your pool supplies like swimming goggles, towels, water toys and sunblock.

You’ve got a pool, it’s summer and that means you need all the pool supplies to be easily accessible. Besides, if you don’t want them to get damaged in rain or by sun rays during cold winter months, you need to have a safe place where you can store them. If you have an existing deck built-in bench, use it as storage for your pool supplies like swimming goggles, towels, water toys and sunblock. You can make this space more functional by adding shelves to it.

If your deck or patio has a railing, build storage under it! Baskets and bins can be placed on the floor below.

If you have a deck or patio with a railing, you can build storage under it. Baskets and bins can be placed on the floor below.

Consider building a storage area that’s the same length as the railing, so there’s plenty of space for storing items. You can use wood or metal for constructing the storage unit. It should be durable enough to withstand rain, wind, and other elements.

Turn unused spaces in your yard into a solution for storing outdoor gear and furniture. For example, transform your old tree stump into a convenient side table with storage.

  • Think about how your yard is laid out and what spaces you can use for storage
  • Rust-Oleum’s Transformations Wood Refinishing System is a great way to create a unique piece of furniture, such as the side table pictured above. It could also be used for a kitchen table, coffee table or end tables
  • The wood refinishing system comes with everything you need to transform your old tree stump into a usable piece of furniture

Install shelving onto an exterior wall of your home or garage to help you store baskets of gloves and other items you need while gardening or doing yard work.

You can easily get all your gardening tools and yard work necessities up off the ground with a simple shelving solution. Install a shelf on an exterior wall of your home or garage, and use baskets to store gloves, gardening shears, and other items you need while working outside.

Set up ottomans around your patio that also have storage space inside them! You can use these ottomans to store gardening tools such as trowels and shears or even items that you may need while outdoors such as bug spray, sunscreen, snacks and more!

Ottomans are a great piece of furniture to have outdoors on your patio or deck. They’re perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing in the sun, but they also provide storage space!

To make this DIY storage idea work in your backyard, simply add hinged lids to ottomans that you place around your patio. Use them to store gardening tools such as trowels and shears or even items that you may need while outdoors such as bug spray, sunscreen, snacks and more!

There are many creative ways to add extra storage space to the exterior of your home.

The trick is to find extra storage space where you least expect it. See if you can make use of these clever ideas to add some storage outside your home:

  • Storage in unused spaces. You’d be surprised what fits in the tightest corners of your yard.
  • Build a deck platform and store items underneath. This works great for patio furniture and pool gear, too!
  • Old refrigerators make great outdoor storage units for things like sports gear or gardening tools.
  • Sheds are easy to buy or build yourself, depending on your skillset. They’re also easy to customize with shelving, drawers, and hooks for hanging objects on the wall.
  • Built-in exterior shelving allows for easy access to common items like coolers, lawn chairs, and hoses that live outdoors all summer long.

Hi there! Have you ever gone outside and said to yourself “Gosh, I wish I had somewhere to put this”?

No? Well, that’s okay. Because even if you haven’t, you probably have outdoor storage problems.

That’s okay—we’ve got you covered. Outdoor Storage Ideas – DIY Outdoor Storage Solutions is your new favorite blog for all things in the realm of outdoor storage solutions.

We’ll help you figure out what to do with your outdoor items, and we’ll explain how to store them in style. There are tons of ways to get creative with your outdoor storage solutions, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

It’s that time of year again… summer is coming, and there’s no better way to welcome it than by getting your outdoor storage solutions in check!

This year, we’re focusing on the yard. We’ve got some DIY solutions for all of your storage needs, from grilling utensil to backyard toy storage.

First up: if you’re like us and love a good BBQ but hate an ugly grill, this is a simple solution: just take your grill and wrap it with some pallet wood (you can find pallets at most hardware stores). Not only does this help keep the harsh weather out of your grill, but it also gives it a nice tidy look.

We’ve also got a great idea for pool toy storage—and you’ll never guess how easy it is: just use a beach umbrella stand! It’s really as simple as that—throw in some colorful pool noodles and you’ve got yourself cute, colorful, and functional pool toy storage.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your outdoor space, then it’s likely that storage solutions have crossed your mind. Whether you’re looking to store grilling equipment, all-weather seating, or your favorite seasonal sports gear, there are plenty of solutions out there that can help you maximize the space in your yard or on your deck.

DIY storage solutions can be made from standard household materials such as pallets, recycling bins, and lumber. These items are often easy to find at a local hardware store or even repurposed from old furniture or other items you no longer use (which saves you money!).

Here are some outdoor storage ideas that will help maximize space in your yard or on your deck:

If you have a lot of outdoor tools or equipment, you probably don’t want to store it all inside your home. This means that you need some sort of storage solution outside. Whether you have a garden shed or not, there are many creative DIY storage ideas that you can use to store your lawn care items and other things outside.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Create a storage space under your deck

If you have a raised deck, you can use the space underneath it as storage. You can build some simple wooden shelves and stack them together to make room for all of your different outdoor items, including shovels, gardening supplies, lawn care items, and more.

2. Build a wheelbarrow shelf

You can create an easy wheelbarrow shelf by placing an old wheelbarrow on its side with the wheel facing up against the wall. Then build shelves around the wheelbarrow so that it looks like one large piece of furniture. You can then place this piece in your garage or against the side of your house to get some extra storage space for tools and other items without taking up much room at all.

3. Make a potting bench

A potting bench is a great way to store all of your gardening

Summer is here and it’s time to start thinking about outdoor storage solutions. Whether you have a pool, a backyard or simply a deck, we have some affordable and easy DIY ideas to help you get organized in the great outdoors.

Are you in need of some outdoor storage ideas?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll discuss a few ways to build your own simple outdoor storage solutions.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use pallets to create a cheap and easy outdoor deck box–perfect for holding hammers, nails, and other tools. We’ll also cover how to create an outdoor storage area using just one pallet and some plywood. Finally, we’ll share our favorite way to turn old tires into functional furniture pieces.

Do you have a lot of outdoor tools, like patio furniture, gardening tools, and sports equipment? If so, you probably know how quickly these things can crowd your garage or shed. But there’s an easy solution: outdoor storage!

With outdoor storage, you can make use of the space on your property that isn’t being used for anything else. Outdoor storage sheds can be built on a foundation or on concrete blocks. You’ll get the added bonus of not having to worry about your belongings getting rained on!

If you’re worried about your belongings getting stolen or damaged by animals, there are plenty of options for protecting them. For example, if you have a larger lawn, consider building a fence around it with gates at either end. This will keep out deer while giving your belongings some protection from other wildlife.

Lawn mowers and other lawn equipment don’t have to take up space in your garage—they can easily be stored outside in an outdoor storage shed. If you don’t want to spend money on buying one outright, there are plenty of DIY plans available online for how to build one yourself using basic materials like wood pallets or plywood sheets.

If you’re looking for ways to maximize space without sacrificing security, consider installing some overhead shel

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