Self Storage Is it For You? How to Decide?

Learn more about your options.

You’ve done your research and have decided that self storage is the right option for you. How do you decide on the right service? What should you look out for when choosing a facility? Self storage is much like any other product or service, and the quality of facilities can vary significantly. It’s important to choose wisely.

Below are some key questions to consider before choosing a self storage company:

  • What type of storage will I need?
  • Are there any features I would want my unit to have (i.e., climate control, electrical outlet, lighting)?
  • What type of security does this company offer (i.e., alarms on doors, CCTV monitoring)?
  • How easy is it to access my belongings? Is there 24-hour access available?
  • How can I make sure my belongings are protected against fire or flooding?

Learn about the types of self storage units available.

  • Size: How much do you need to store? If you’re only moving out for a semester, and you know your parents will let you keep most of your things in the attic, then maybe you’ll only need a small storage unit. On the other hand, if you’re moving across the country and don’t have a place to go back to over summer break (or any break), or if your new place is too small to store everything, then it may make sense to get a bigger space.
  • Climate control: If you live in an area with different seasons and are storing seasonal clothing or other sensitive items that can be damaged by humidity or temperature fluctuations, look for a climate-controlled unit. These units are kept at moderate temperatures throughout the year and provide an extra layer of protection against inclement weather.
  • Drive-up access: Are you looking for easy drive-up access so that loading/unloading is fast and easy? Or do stairs and elevators not bother you as long as it’s convenient?
  • Large items: Do you want to be able to store RVs, trailers, cars, boats, or other large vehicles? Some facilities have outdoor parking spots available for these items; others do not offer this option at all.* Hazardous materials: Is there anything flammable or otherwise hazardous in what you’ll be storing? Be sure to check with your facility ahead of time about restrictions on these kinds of materials.* Fragile items: Do you plan on using self storage as an extension of your home while moving in between homes? Are there fragile pieces that might get damaged if exposed without any protection? If so, tell us what they are so we can recommend the right packaging supplies that will keep them safe until they reach their final destination.
  • Foodstuffs & perishables: For example–are there any types of foodstuffs (canned goods) or perishables (produce) that would need special attention

What are they made of?

Self storage is something that most people want, yet few actually need. So when you are going through the self storage process, which will help you decide whether it is a good idea or not? Here are some things to consider:

  • What kind of storage needs do you have?
  • How much storage space do you need?
  • Do you need to store stuff for a long time?
  • Do you need to store items that have a high value like electronics and tools?

Are they easy to access?

How do you gain access to your unit? Most facilities offer drive up access, where you can park your vehicle close to the unit and easily load/unload items. Other facilities require internal access, which means that once you are on site, you will need to walk through a common area (usually a hallway) and then up or down some stairs.

If this is the case, it’s worth considering what kind of items you plan on storing. Most facilities have elevators and loading bays nearby that allow easier transportation of heavy goods like mattresses, furniture and fridges. However, if access is limited or not suitable for all types of vehicles, then it’s important to factor in how feasible this will be for you. If there is an elevator then make sure it is at least 8’x5′ wide so that large pieces can fit inside comfortably with room around them – otherwise they may get scratched as they are moved in and out!

And lastly:

  • How close are the units to the entrance or exit? You don’t want to be carrying heavy boxes for too long before reaching their destination!
  • How far away is the nearest parking spot on-site?

How much space is there between them?

Once you have found a facility, the next thing you need to consider is the accessibility and size of your storage unit. This will be different for everyone’s needs. It’s important that there is enough space between the units to ensure you can access your unit easily. Your belongings will probably arrive in a vehicle or van – make sure this has enough room to park, load and unload at the unit door without having to reverse down narrow alleyways or over complicated junctions.

  • If you are regularly visiting your unit with large vehicles it’s important that there is space for them to turn around and exit safely
  • Make sure there are no overhead obstructions such as pipes or wires if storing items with height – think about how you might remove an item from storage if placed directly underneath
  • Do not purchase more than one unit (if you visit often) as they may be far apart from each other
  • Think about how much space you will need to manoeuvre items around once inside

What amenities are available?

A storage unit is a different sort of living space, but you still want to be comfortable and able to find what you need. At Inside Self Storage, we offer amenities that make it easy for you to keep everything organized and accessible.

  • Climate control: The last thing you want to see when you open the door is that your valuables have been damaged by changing temperatures or humidity levels. All of our units are climate controlled, so no matter what time of year it is, your items will remain safe and secure.
  • Free use of carts and pallets: We make it easy for you to transport heavy or multiple items from vehicle to storage unit with these handy supplies.
  • Free use of packing supplies: We offer boxes, bubble wrap and other packing supplies for free so that your valuable items stay protected as they’re moved into or out of storage.
  • Free use of dolly and hand truck: You can avoid hurting your back trying to lift heavy items onto shelving units inside your unit by using a dolly or hand truck instead!

Check out the security features.

If you need to store valuables, make sure the unit is secure. Some storage units are quite basic—they’re just a garage door with padlock, and that’s it.

Other storage units have much more security features. These might include:

  • Monitored alarms on each individual unit (so if someone tries to break in, the alarm will go off and authorities will be contacted).
  • Security guards who patrol the site 24/7.
  • Fencing around the facility. Make sure there aren’t any gaps that would allow people to sneak in or out of the unit without being seen by security cameras or guards.
  • Video surveillance cameras at all entry points into the facility, as well as throughout the entire property so intruders can be identified quickly and appropriate action taken.

What kind of environment is it?

Your storage facility should be a safe and clean place. You’re trusting it with your belongings and you need to know that your storage unit will be secured at all times.

If the facilities are not maintained, it may be an indication of how the company runs their business. If they can’t keep their own business in order, they may not be able to keep yours in order either.

When choosing a facility, look at things like:

  • Do the gates seem safe?
  • Are there surveillance cameras so that you can monitor what happens around your things?
  • Do they have good locks on units?

Take your time and make sure you choose the right facility.

You need to take the time to make sure you are choosing the right facility. It might take a little longer than you want, but it will be worth it in the end. You should feel comfortable with the location, know exactly what is included in your lease and have a good feeling about who you are renting from.

When it comes to price, sometimes there isn’t much difference between one storage facility and another. However, if there is, don’t choose on price alone! It may be worth paying a little more for your items to be extra safe or for friendly staff that will help you immediately when an issue arises.

Remember that once you sign the lease agreement and start moving your belongings into your unit, it is too late to change your mind! That’s why it’s so important not just to do research before committing but also to follow up on any concerns or questions you might have by asking them directly of the Storage Facility management team.There are many reasons you might consider using self storage. Maybe you’ve just moved, or maybe you’re looking to downsize. Maybe your kid is starting college and will be away for the school year, or maybe you just need somewhere to store your garden tools for the winter.

Whatever the reason, it’s important that you choose a self storage option that suits your needs—and not something that will end up costing you more than it’s worth. Getting a good deal on self storage can be tricky, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding a storage unit in no time!

1. Think about what kind of space you might need

The first thing to keep in mind when deciding whether or not self storage is right for you is what kind of space you’re going to be storing. If you’re only storing a few boxes of books or some small furniture items (say, for example, if your kid is starting college and moving out of the house temporarily), then all you really need is a small unit.

However, if you have larger items such as cars or boats that won’t fit into smaller spaces, then it might make sense to go with something bigger so there’s room to move around them without having to

Do you have extra items and belongings that your home can’t hold? You’re not alone.

People often wonder if self storage is right for them, and it can be a tough choice to make. But the benefits of using self storage often outweigh the costs, especially if you’re trying to get organized with your possessions.

– Self storage enables you to keep the things that matter to you without having to sacrifice your floor space. This can be especially helpful when moving into a smaller home, downsizing an apartment, or just getting organized.

– Self storage facilities offer climate control, which is important if you want to store temperature-sensitive items like electronics or anything made of wood.

– Self storage facilities are always monitored with security cameras and on-site staff so that you know that your belongings are safe at all times.

– Self storage comes with a range of available unit sizes, so you won’t have to pay for more storage space than you need.

With all the boxes and clutter, where do you put everything when you move to a new place?

For most people, the answer is “Self Storage”.

Self Storage is a big business in the U.S. According to the Self Storage Association, there are about 50,000 facilities nationwide with over 2.3 billion square feet of storage space!

So why does everyone need so much space? The answer is simple: we need room for our stuff! From small lockers to large warehouses, self storage provides a safe, secure environment for your belongings while you make room in your home.

How Do You Know if Self Storage is Right For You?

There are many reasons people choose self storage units. It’s important to understand what you’re looking for before making a decision. Here are some questions that may help:

-Do I have more things than can fit into my current home?

-Do I want a safe way to store expensive items like furniture or electronics while moving?

-Do I need extra space for seasonal or hobby items that aren’t used often enough to justify taking up valuable real estate (literally)?

-Will my children be attending different colleges next year, but still live at home during holidays/school breaks? If so

When you have too much stuff, it can feel like you’re suffocating. You look at your overflowing closet, pile of books, and cabinets bursting with old toys and wonder what it would be like to live in a world where you could make all of this stuff disappear.

But if you want to take back your space without getting rid of all the things that are important to you, self storage may be for you. Self storage is a solution for people who don’t need their items to be easily accessible but who want their items to be safe and secure.

So how do you know if self storage is right for you? It’s simple: when you look at your home and see that there aren’t enough rooms or cabinets to accommodate everything you own, self storage is probably the answer.

And with prices as low as $1 per day, self storage has never been more accessible. Here are some scenarios in which self storage could help:

-You’re moving out of your parents’ house

-You’re moving into a dorm/apartment

-You’re downsizing your living space

-You have too many books/toys/furniture/clothing

-Your garage is full of junk

Self storage is a fantastic option for those who are moving, or who need extra space to store items they use infrequently. It’s also a great option for businesses who don’t have the space to keep their inventory on-site.

There are several factors that will determine whether you should use self storage:

1. Accessibility: How easy is it to get to your unit? Depending on what you’re storing, you may want to be able to access it regularly, or you may not care. Keep in mind that some facilities have very limited hours of accessibility!

2. Cost: What’s the price point? Can it fit within your budget?

3. Security: Does the facility provide security? You’ll want to make sure your valuables are safe and secure while in storage.

4. Climate Control: Some facilities will offer climate control for your storage unit, which is great if you’re storing any temperature-sensitive items like electronics or furniture.

5. Size: Do they have the right size unit for what you need to store? A small unit won’t be of much use if you’re trying to store a car!

If you’ve ever felt like your space is too cramped, or you’re juggling too many possessions and not enough room to put them, you may think self storage could be the answer. And it could be! But before you spring for a rented unit, here are some things to consider:

How much time can I spend packing and transporting my belongings?

Some people have lives that leave them with little free time. If you’re trying to cram in a full-time job, family obligations, and commuting on top of packing up all your stuff to take it somewhere else, you may end up feeling even more stressed—and in more of a hurry than if you had just left everything where it was.

Do I feel at home when I’m in my home?

Some people don’t feel like their home is “home” unless they can surround themselves with lots and lots of stuff. If that’s you, self storage is probably not for you. But if you tend to prefer a more minimalist aesthetic and feel refreshed by de-cluttering and organizing your space, self storage may be right up your alley. You’ll have everything you need—just not all at once!

Am I going to need access to all my things immediately?

Self storage has

If you’re like me, you may be wondering whether or not self storage is for you and your home. I know I was! There are so many options out there, and it can be hard to know what’s right for you without spending a ton of money on stuff that might not work for you in the long run. That’s why I put together this list of pros and cons—to help make sure that whichever decision you make about self storage is the right one for YOU.


It’s fun to organize. The great thing about self storage is that all of your things are in one place! You never again have to wonder “Do I need this? Where would I put it if I did keep it?”

You’ll have more room in your home. With everything neatly folded away in your own private storage space, you’ll suddenly have more room than ever before to spread out and relax at home.


You may feel isolated. With everything tucked away in storage, you may find yourself wanting to stay inside more often, enjoying the peace and quiet of your own home. Be sure to get out there and enjoy life!

You’ll have less room in your car. If you decide to go with self storage, your car

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