Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Plastic Shed

The Advantages of Plastic Sheds

When you’re in the market for a new shed, there are many advantages to choosing a plastic shed. These sheds are easy to assemble, come in a range of shapes and sizes, and can be painted with your choice of color. This is an easy way to make your storage area more aesthetically pleasing while keeping all of your gardening tools safe from the elements.

Low Maintenance: Plastic sheds need very little maintenance. Because they are made from resin instead of wood, they do not rot or rust like traditional sheds. You will never have to worry about water damage during heavy rains or snowstorms when you choose this type of shed for your gardening needs.

Weather Resistant: Plastic sheds are made from polypropylene which is also used for drainage pipes and white goods such as washing machines. This means that these sheds do not get damaged by water making them excellent choices for gardeners who live in wet climates such as the UK. The only disadvantage to this material is that it can become easily scratched so you should avoid putting anything abrasive inside of it including shovels, rakes or large pieces of concrete that could harm its appearance over time.

Easy Assembly

When it comes to assembling your plastic shed, the process is easy.

Most models have a very simple design, consisting of panels that slide together and lock in place without any screws or bolts. And because you don’t need any tools to assemble a plastic shed, you can easily do it yourself, even if you’re working with a small budget. In fact, some plastic sheds are so simple that they can be assembled by one person alone in two hours or less.

Numerous Configurations

Plastic sheds are a good choice for you because of the many configurations available to you. If space allows, horizontal and vertical plastic sheds have plenty of room without taking up too much floor space. There are also storage units with shelving, lockable storage units to keep valuables safe outside and accessories and add-ons for your plastic shed.

If space is not a consideration, there are also large eight-by-ten foot double door models which will give you more than enough space to fit your outdoor needs.

Types of Plastic Sheds

Plastic sheds come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. There are a few basic designs, including horizontal and vertical plastic sheds, which generally range in size from 17 cubic feet to around 100 cubic feet. Shelving units are also available for those looking to optimize their capacity while keeping the floor area clear. If security is important to you, consider purchasing a lockable storage unit—you’ll be able to keep your most precious belongings safe without having to worry about anything getting damaged by the elements.

Just as important as choosing the right type of shed is picking a good location for it. While some people choose to place their plastic sheds at eye level so they can admire them from the comfort of an armchair or deck chair, others prefer not to see them at all; if this is more your style then why not keep it out of sight behind the garage or decking?

Horizontal Sheds

Horizontal sheds, with their relatively broad footprint and height that’s typically under six feet, are great if you only need to store a few gardening tools or outdoor items. They’re easy to assemble and put up in your yard. You can get them with one large door or double doors if you want to easily fit a lawn mower or push lawn mower inside. However, they can be difficult to access items that are stored at the back of the shed. If you’re looking for something larger than a horizontal shed but don’t have a lot of room for anything too big in your yard, we recommend getting creative about where you can put it rather than going for something smaller that may leave you wishing for more space later on. For example, you could build a fence around your horizontal shed so it doubles as an extra barrier against intruders and animals getting into your garden or yard. As always, make sure local zoning ordinances don’t prohibit this type of use before beginning your project!

Vertical Sheds

Perhaps you’re the owner of several bikes and you don’t have a garage to store them in. Or maybe you need to keep your patio or pool gear close at hand but lack the floor space for a full-size shed. Or perhaps it’s something else altogether, but whatever the reason—if floor space is at a premium, vertical plastic sheds are an excellent way to go.

All different kinds of people will benefit from owning one of these items: homeowners with small yards who want extra storage for gardening equipment, or professionals who want to store their tools on-site without taking up valuable driveway space. Not only do they keep valuable belongings safe from thieves and weather conditions, they also provide protection from dust, dirt and mildew (and if you’re storing sensitive materials like electronics or photographs, that last benefit is especially important).

Accessories and Add-Ons for Your Plastic Shed

Another thing to consider is the accessories and add-ons for your plastic shed. Adding a shelf or two can make all the difference when it comes to storing garden tools, outdoor toys, etc. Other useful accessories include lockable storage units, ventilation units and a floor base kit. These are great options as they personalise your plastic shed and ensure that everything you own is kept dry and secure.

Storage Units with Shelving

Storage units come in a variety of sizes, which will ultimately depend on your needs. A 4×4 storage unit can hold about two to three rooms’ worth of items, but keep in mind that it’s not tall enough to stand up in. A 6×6 gives you more space and allows you to access the shed like a walk-in closet, while still holding only one or two rooms’ worth of items. A 8×8 storage unit is large enough to hold up to three rooms’ worth of items, and can be equipped with shelving and organizational accessories such as hooks and drawers so you’re able to store your belongings efficiently.

After deciding on a size for your storage unit, consider how you’ll store your belongings within the shed. If you live in a colder area, try setting up shelves near the back wall of your shed where they’re less likely to freeze during the winter season. If you’ll need easy access to certain items throughout the year, keep them towards the front so they’re easily reachable. Finally if there are certain things that always seem to get lost at the bottom of a bin (such as holiday decorations or old schoolwork) consider hanging hooks or installing shelving units so these things have their own dedicated spot

Lockable Storage Units to Keep Valuables Safe Outside

A lockable storage unit is an excellent way to keep valuable items safe. These units offer a great solution for storing items that you would normally need to keep inside and have difficulty finding space for.

For instance, if you purchase a bike, there are times when it can be inconvenient to store it inside your home. There may not be enough room, or perhaps you don’t have a basement or garage. Lockable storage units allow you to leave these valuables outside while keeping them secure. If they are locked away safely in a shed, no one will be able to take them without your permission.

Chainsaws and other power tools can also be kept safe from theft by using lockable storage sheds. These tools generally require one or two people for proper handling, so thieves will not want to risk being caught stealing something large and heavy like this type of equipment.

Before you choose a plastic shed, it helps to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different configurations.

When you’re shopping for a plastic shed, it’s important to understand the many variables you’ll be dealing with: your budget, intended purpose and location, and aesthetics. And while there are options for all budgets and needs, it pays to have a general idea of what’s out there before diving in.

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